Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ken Maynard Wild West 1936 #4

This is the opening Spec with a Wild West show and as you can see the performance is held in a square open area with seats on three sides that are covered by a canopy. After the 101 Ranch Show folded in 1931 due to the Depression, none of these type shows in the 1930's were successful, this one only lasting one season, the most notable failure was Col. Tim McCoy's Real Wild West. The only exception was the Tom Mix Circus which appeared in a conventional circus style big top.

In 1934 the mighty Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus carried 31 elephants marching single file in a daily parade. The following winter however, they shipped 11 out to the Al G. Barnes Circus wintering in California (both shows were owned by Ringling). Walter McLain added 4 to the Barnes Show bringing that herd up to 20 and Louis Goebel bought two of the remaining seven that were kept in quarters "Queen" and "Sally". In 1936 he leased them to Mr. Maynard as seen above.


Unknown said...

Hi Buckles,

Great site and wonderful photo's. I understand Ken Maynard had an Old Timers Rodeo in 1936 with his WW. Do you have any photo's showing the contests or participants?