Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Arthur Bros. Circus 1944 #2

In it's few years of existance the show had managed to acquire 6 elephants here we see the widely traveled "Gentry Babe" ridden by Betty Acevedo.
The show had amassed 6 elephants in all "Shirley Temple" came from the Kellogg Estate in LA, "Wlhelmina" a former Ringling elephant was leased from Louis Goebel, "Bonnie" and "India" we remember from Bud E. Anderson and "Vera" who came from Jimmy Hamiter was given 30 days to get rid of his elephant and report to the Army. To run things Cheerful Gardner was hired, his glory days with Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus now just a memory.
Richard Reynolds and I have decided that Gentry Babe was the only elephant definately proven to be at least 70 years of age at the time of her death in 1967.
1900 Imported from Hagenbeck Zoo
1900-16 Gentry Bros. Circus
1917-23 GentryBros. Circus (Newman and Austin)
1924 Christy Bros. Circus
1925-27 Lee Bros. Circus (Christy's #2 unit)
1928-30 Christy Bros. Circus
1931-32 Christy Quarters
1935-38 Tom Mix Circus
1939-41 Bud E. Anderson Circus
1942 Atterbury Bros. Circus (Leased from Anderson)
1943-45 Arthur Bros. Circus
1946-49 Seal Bros. Ciorcus (Anderson)
1950-53 Wallace & Clark Circus (Luke Anderson)
1954 Pan American Circus (Leased from Anderson)
1955-67 Gene Holter Animal Shows
(Died of old age 5/18/67)


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Anonymous said...

What about the elephant"Modoc" listed in the Guiness Book of World records?
There was even a book published about her a few years ago.
She was old... real old.

Anonymous said...

If any of you all ever visit
Sri Lanka(Ceylon)
at the city of Kandi,At the famous Temple ,there is a small museum devoted to the elephant"Raja".
Who led the procession at the famous festival and parade there.
He reportly was 80 years old,he was stuffed and can be seen mounted behind a big glass case.
There is a photograph of his mounted hide on-line somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It would take more than an elephant even to me to visit Sri Lanka. I had a chance for an all expence paid trip to there. No Way. PBS had a special on searching for a white elephant not two many years ago. After seeing an elephant at the temple I had nightmares for months Stalked by this elephant that was the big cheese. This is one thing that is better seen on camera and in books.