Sunday, September 25, 2005

"Who's got the bulls on this show?" #2

This is the King Bros. Circus elephant herd of 1951 at the Macon, Ga. quarters. From left the elephants Nos. 1., 2. and 5. "Alice", "Mona" and "Margie" were owned by Floyd King.
Nos. 3., 4., 6. and 7. are "Christy", "Carrie", "Babe" and "Shirley" originally trained by Mac MacDonald in 1947 for Big Bob Stevens' Bailey Bros. Circus but best remembered as the Karen Cristiani elephants and the last five on the right were owned by Norma Cristiani "Mary", "Maude", "Norma", "Bessie" and "Konti" from the Dailey Show and originally trained by Louis Reed, these names would be familiar to Clyde Beaty-Cole Bros. fans.
I suspect the man at left is Steve Fanning.