Friday, September 09, 2005

Wallace Bros. Circus 1941/ Ray Rogers and Emma

On the back of this picture also written in green ink is "With best wishes to you Bill, you are always a Gentleman. Emma 1941."
She was right in one sense, he and I were once unloading the elephants, I can't remember where or when, but I was talking to him and got no response, I looked over to see a Funeral Procession passing by the lot and he stood with head bowed, holding his hat in his hand until the procession had passed then he replaced it and we continued on.


Anonymous said...

The great thing about your Dad's profession was that allowed him to attain a high rank much earlier than he might have in the Army. And once an Officer, always a gentlemen. I think that Tom Thumb was a General before he was ten years old!

Buckles said...

When I was 14 they had a tattoo artist in the Robbins Bros. side show and one day I marched in and had the obligatory "Heart with MOTHER" applied on arm and on the the other "Col. W.H. Woodcock".
Later when I was in the Army in Korea the "Colonel tattoo" became a rather hot topic. Several people mentioned that they were told to watch what said around me since I might be an under cover agent. I even had a Sargeant ask me point blank if it were true. I never discouraged the notion but til this day I can't believe that anyone would think that a 21 year old could be a Senior Officer.