Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sells-Floto Circus c.1914/ Elephants lined up for parade

These are the same elephants about 10 years later but now "Mom" at right is the smallest. Fred "Shorty" Alispaw the boss elephant man aboard the horse. They had very unique parade trappings with a banner atop each elephant giving it's name, age and weight. I must say they were beautiful specimens.
Missing is "Alice" who would have probably been at the Denver quarters since she bore four calves during this period "Baby Hutch" 4/25/12, "Baby Tambon" 3/28/14, "Little Miracle" 3/16/16 and finally she was sold to the Salt Lake City Zoo bearing a 4th calf "Prince Utah" born 4/29/18 in the zoo.
Some of you may recall my reference to a "gooseneck" The vigilant observer will notice the wagon pole in the foreground with the curved hook on the end. When working a team of harness elephants the "hook-up man" will drop the ring overthe gooseneck and away you go.


Buckles said...

Interesting to note that they are in the same marching order in both photos.

Anonymous said...

Buckles -

Thank you. A beautiful photograph.