Thursday, July 28, 2005

Ringling-Barnum 1930/ "Minnie" and "Dolly"

This is the Ringling Show in 1930 and these two young elephants "Minnie" and "Dolly" are growing up in ignorance. All they did was walk in spec wearing these clown suits. Here they are waiting at the back door and are so unreliable you will notice they have to be chained for this just for this short period of time.
After the 1933 season they were moved over to the Barnes Show (also owned by Ringling) and
many years later Slivers Madison told me that by this time they were pretty big and very ill mannered. In his own words "they didn't even know how to shit in the ring".


Anonymous said...

A lovely picture, those animals look so adorable. I wish the circus could do things like that again, without people like WENDY and NANCY or PETA getting all angry.