Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Eugene "Arky" Scott

This is the earliest picture I have of Arky Scott shown at right. He started out as a menagerie hand and remained as such but could work elephants if the situation demanded. He inherited the job with the Cole Show after both Eddie Allen and Alonzo Dever had left and with the close of that show was hired to replace Hugo Schmitt on the Ringling Show in 1950. The timing couldn't have been better since "The Greatest Show on Earth" film was made in 1951 and Arky became immortalized as the trainer during the elephant act who replaced the villainous "Klaus". Buckles


Anonymous said...

I am sure you know that the man on the left with Arky on S-F in 1924 is Terrell Jacobs. The bear's name is unknown.
Fred Jr.

Anonymous said...

Arky told me he got 6 months on THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Fans will remember he was referred to by name and had a speaking role. Klaus was played by Lyle Bettger, who died on September 24, 2003, in Atascadero, California, at 88. Baseball fans among the showfolks may remember his father, Franklin Bettger, played 3rd base for the St. Louis Cardinals. Roger Smith