Thursday, July 14, 2005

Cole Bros. Circus 1943/ Arky Scott and Jean Allen

Arky took over the Cole Show elephants in 1942, this picture was taken the following winter at the Fairgrounds winter quarters in Louisville prior to the "43 opening. The elephant in the center doing the "cover" with Jean Allen is "101 Ranch Babe" The four elephants on each side of her comprise the "Ranch herd" "Jean", "Joe", "Babe", "Carrie" and "Louie". Late in the season 10/29/43 while unloading in Douglas, Az. "Joe" killed Arky's assistant Ted White and was shot while still in the car that same day. Buckles


Anonymous said...

Is that a real picture with the elephants on there back legs? Can elephants really be trained to do that?

Anonymous said...

Why do the elephants look so much large in 1945 than the ones we see in the circus today? Does it have to do with the elephants diet? Those elephants look magnificient from the picture.

Anonymous said...

People were smaller back then.