Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cole Bros. Circus 1935/ Harriet Beatty

This was taken at Rochester, Ind. when the new Cole Bros. Circus was being framed in 1935 and shows Harriet Beatty in practice. The elephant is the "Anna May" my dad had trained ten years earlier at Hall's place in Lancaster, Mo. and later the namesake of the "Anna May" that was in our family from 1949 until her recent retirement to the Elephant Sanctuary in Greenbriar, Ark.
The tiger and lion were named "Prince" and "Rimba".


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Buckles,

What type of Elephant is Anna May and why did your father stop training Anna May after 10 years. Did he find something wrong with Anna May? Do you happen to know how long Elephants live for? What is the best age to train them at? Thanks for you time. Keep posting I love the photos and comments.