Wednesday, October 02, 2013

From Buckles

Ben passed away four years ago today and in view of our upcoming honorarium at the Showfolks Club, I hope the amount of talent he contributed to our careers isn't overlooked.


Chic Silber said...

What a great shot of the 3 of you

& my bubbles (cheap shot) He really

had such charm & showmanship & had

the work ethic of the Woodcocks

He did his dad & all of you proud

GaryHill said...

Naturally I am extremely biased , but I am Honest, being in Winter Quarters with such Great Animal Trainers all together. Hugo, Buckles, Gunther, Axel ,Charly and Wolfgang and being able to watch Training Sessions with Hugo then to Buckles , put me into such AWE that is was Amazing to watch and absorb and now days remember and Look back . Gunther helped Save the Circus for the 70's but he didn't have an Anna Mae.. Congo was a gentle ole soul that could be dependable to carry a tiger and work close with horses. Ben was peaking working with Barbara and my God. yeah GGW worked his whole herd "By Voice Alone". It is a Shame that you never did the Barbershop routine with the Blue Show. Anna Mae was such an Amazing Elephant to be able to watch.

GaryHill said...

God Bless Ben.