Sunday, October 23, 2016

#1 Tusko

#2 Tusko

He responded to the name "Ned" but this gave him a more Jumbo like stature.

#3 Tusko

.....Mr. Barnes himself.

#4 Tusko

....with "Barney" and "Vance".

#5 Tusko

Leading the Al G. Barnes Parade ridden by Clyde "Highpockets" Baudendistl.

#6 Tusko

Now wearing a martingale with E.W. "Bull Hook" Jackson.

#7 Tusko

Mr. Barnes positioned as tho he knew something.

#8 Tusko

Elephant in front  is "Ruth", well remembered from her later years with RBBB.
"Barns Show Babe" would be on a drag chain behind.
Must have been quite an attention getter going to and from the lot!

#9 Tusko

A lot of hardware.
Notice the half bail-ring on "Tusko".

#10 Tusko

#11 Tusko

#12 Tusko

On his way to the Seattle Zoo.

#13 Tusko

#14 Tusko

#15 Tusko

Now owned by George "Slim" Lewis.


This Show Biz Is.....

.....All Right!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

#1 Kelly Miller

Some 1950-52 pix.

#2 Kelly Miller

"Tena" backing out of the truck.

#3 Kelly Miller

The Show had been provided with Chevrolet elephant blankets and here
is my father sending them off the lot with Fred Logan and George Williams.

#4 Kelly Miller they are at the local Dealership where they remained long enough to relieve themselves than back to the lot.

#5 Kelly Miller

Elephant Dept. several years after we departed with the Miller-Woodcock elephant act.
Fred C. Logan, Red Compton, John Carrol, Bad Willie Gray, Red Compton Richard Rich and I forget the last guy.

#6 Kelly Miller

The Florenz Troupe tight wire act featuring Belmonte Florenz (Tommy Bently).
Ladies are Flo and Gracie MacIntosh married to Show's Mechanics Deacon and Davie MacIntosh.
Some of you may remember Gracie from her years as Orin Davenport's Assistant and later Producer of the Davenport Shrine Dates.

#7 Kelly Miller

Another House act, Eddie Hendrix with Evalina Rossi and Bonnie Gallagher.

#8 Kelly Miller

Shirley Logan.

#9 Kelly Miller

Whitey Thorn, Head Electrician, Bill Woodcock and George Williams.
This was the 5-act my father had put together the year before "Kay" (named after Kelly's daughter), "Jennie" (after Kelly and D. R.'s Mother), "Hattie" (after the first elephant they ever owned) purchased from Louis Goebel in 1939, "Barbara" after D.R.'s daughter and of course my father's childhood Silent Movie enchantress "Anna May" Wong.

#10 Kelly Miller

The Midway Concession Truck.
I had a bunk up front.

Friday, October 21, 2016

#11 Kelly Miller

This was the Menagerie but called the "Horse Top".
The caged animals were in the Side Show meaning the Public had to pay extra to seem.
Lots of Beefs over that since the animals were so heavily billed.
In fact I remember my father saying it created more heat then the Grifters on some shows since they only dealt with the "Sporting Element".

#12 Kelly Miller

The elephants were on the tail end of Spec and as the procession exited they continued on into the rings and track to pre-positioned props for the opening display.
My father with "Barbara" and clown Eddie Dullem.

#13 Kelly Miller

We showed seven days a week with a Matinee only on Sunday.
This is Rex Williams younger brother George pulling stakes with "Tena" after a Sunday Matinee.

#14 Kelly Miller

"Barbara" and Fred Logan.
It was quite a thing to have this metal globe constructed.
I remember Wayne Sanguin had the County Surveyor come in and lay out a diagram, he then cut out strips of metal and like the skin of an orange, welded them together.

#15 Kelly Miller

My Mother and "Anna May".

#16 Kelly-Miller

Dale, Karen Kay, Lydia, Obert, Barbara Jane, Isla, Dores and Kelly Miller.


Herb Walters, Geo. W. Cole Circus.
Elephants are Gollmar "Daisy", "Norma" and "Jess" (female).
Ladies are my Sister In Law, Hope Meredith whom today is our next door neighbor, accompanied by Herb's daughter Shirley and husband Charlie Rex who at one time did a trap act under the name "Wreckless Rex!"
I was told he once came out of a "heel catch" tumbled to the ground, rolled over, jumped up, styled then scrambled back up the rigging!.....this Show Biz is All Right!
I might add that one day years ago my wife informed me that my Mother In Law, Lalea Ray had purchased 30 acres of jungle down in Florida and eventually Willed it to her daughters.
A lot of it was lost then the InterState came thru but Aunt Hope remains our next door neighbor.


Walking across the lot one morning and a Circus Fan asked me to pose for this picture.
I was a  high-steppin' Candy Butcher in those days, my father said, "Get out front where the money is!"
Never would have touched another one had I not inherited an Elephant Act.
I remember him saying when I got Married, "Listen to your wife!.....she knows more about elephants than you do!

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Show had a Toulouse Lautrec theme that year.

#2 BAC

......wardrobe was quite fetching.

#3 BAC

#4 BAC

One of the Perks at Lincoln Center was Comps for Broadway Shows, I love good music.
I remember back in the 1950's I bought a Record Player and my Father said go back and buy some Gilbert & Sullivan records and I was soon a Savoyard.
Just the other day I was in the shower singing ".....three Little Maids From School Are We!" and my wife said....."You need to see a Shrink!"

#5 BAC

Our Founder.

#6 BAC

My Clyde Beatty outfit!

#7 BAC

Can't for the life of me remember who this pretty lady is!
Brain Cells arer going fast!

#8 BAC

Darlene and Grand Daughter Stormy.
She has made a career in the Air Force, lives out in  Washington.

#9 BAC

#10 BAC

One year we worked a "2 Act"....."Peggy", "Toto" and styling are Karen Lewande and daughter Dalilah.
Ben was somewhere else with "Anna May" that season.

#11 BAC

#12 BAC

#13 BAC

Three Gentlemen Out Standing In Their Field!

#14 BAC

#15 BAC

Steven Spielberg attended the show one night and asked if his son could see an elephant up close and as I recall, Son had second thoughts.