Saturday, July 23, 2016

Our Founders!

Seen here holding a chicken "juggling prop".
Part of the snappy dialogue as objects were tossed back and forth, "A Ball!.....A Club!.....A Chicken!..... A Shoe!.....Gesundeit!

#1 More Big Apple

#2 More Big Apple Circus

Ben and Darlene.

#3 Big Apple Circus

#4 More Big Apple

#5 More Big Apple

#6 More Big Apple

#7 More Big Apple

#8 More Big Apple

#9 More Big Apple

#10 More Big Apple

#11 More Big Apple

#12 More Big Apple

David Dimitri.

#13 More Big Apple

Karen Lawande and Dalilah with "Peggy" and "Toto".

#14 More Big Apple

I always liked Hind Leg Walks.
Had one in all three rings on the Blue Show.

#15 More Big Apple

Dinner Table number with Bello and "Amy".

#16 More Big Apple


#17 More Big Apple

Bunch of people from the Ringling Show visiting that day.

#18 More Big Apple

Thursday, July 21, 2016

From Jerry Cash

Perhaps "Out Of This World"  falls under the category of  "Been There,  Done That".

#1 Polack Bros.

My wife came up with this picture off the Internet that we had never seen before.
Comes from the first publicity photos Parley Baer took of us while playing Chicago in 1965.     Elephant is "Opal" named after the Show's Executive Secretary Opal Paige.
The act was named "The Besalou Elephants" a combination of the Show Owner's names Louis Stern and Bessie Polack but nobody could remember it  and I'd hear "The Babalubas".....or "The Besalumas" Etc.

#2 Polack Bros.

#3 Polack Bros.

Medinah Temple.

#4 Polack Bros.

#1 Blue Show '79

Kenny Dodd gave us these next pictures at last Monday's soiree at Dennys.
He said they were taken by Dave Mullaney.

#2 Blue Show '79

#3 Blue Show '79

#4 Blue Show '79

#5 Blue Show '79

"Barbara" and "Major".

#6 Blue Show '79

#7 Blue Show '79

The Great Pumpkin!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Big Apple

The white outfit was used with Big Apple one season for an act my wife choreographed using Vanessa Thomas.
Elephants are "Anna May" and "Peggy".