Friday, July 03, 2015

More to Ryan Easley

I happened to notice that my Circus World herd was omitted from the 1976 listing below.
Here is a page from the RBBB Book.
Rex Williams elephant "Reed" was disabled from severe Arthritis so I "strong-armed" him into Circus World for the summer while Rex worked his dates with his other elephants.

To Ryan Easley

On the back side:
Howard Johnson
1. India
2. Jenny
3. Kate
4. Dopey
5. Bashful

I had a few that fit that description.

From Vickie B. Rossi

Memorable photo of multi-talented clown and Cristiani loyalist, Billy McCabe, and one extremely jovial member of the Arabian tumbling family booked for the season. Note: Juggler/Clown and very dear friend Ron Henon in the background.

May I take this opportunity to wish your family and all circus fan bloggers a safe and happy July 4th holiday.


From Dennis Younger

Suzy or Suzie up close with me in 1976.

1970's #1

You will not see wardrobe or spec blankets like this again.

1970's #2

1970's #3

1970's #4

1970's #5

1970's #6

1970's #7

1970's #8

Thursday, July 02, 2015

From Dave Price

Our cemetery is also named Mt Olivet. A century and a half old and very few show people. 

Baraboo #1

Got a panic stricken call from Tommy Hanneford saying he was desperate for Press Photos for his Fall Dates.
Fortunately Jim Peterson was on hand to take these.

Baraboo #2

Baraboo #3

Baraboo #4

Baraboo #5

Bababoo #6

I don't think any of these were ever used, the background was too busy.
But it's a nice window to the past as they say.

Extra Stuff #1

I'll toss in a few more to fill out the Blog.
No idea who these people  are but it smacks of California. 

Extra Stuff #2

Extra Stuff #3

Taken right here. 
"George" was pretty impressive in those days as was my wife.

Extra Stuff #4

Me and Charlie Barnum.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Mt. Olivet #1

Mt, Olivet #2

Mt. Olivet #3

40 years ago #1

It's been 40 years since Gary Jacobson came to me at Circus world and asked if he could have a few days off to visit his old Alma Mater that was showing up in Georgia at the time.
He returned with these pictures.

40 years ago #2

40 years ago #3

40 years ago #4

40 years ago #5

40 years ago #6

40 years ago #7

40 years ago #8

40 years ago #9

40 years ago #10

40 years ago #11

40 years ago #12

40 years ago #13

40 years ago #14

40 years ago #15

And in conclusion......

.....if someone had told me back then that within my life time there would be no more elephants I would have said "Impossible!"

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To Chic

Barbara and Rex working the "Pete & Norma Five".

To Chic

I think Steve's career was limited to King and Cristiani never was a trainer.
In fact I remember my father getting letters from him when the Christiani's got "Emma" asking how to lay out rigging to tip her over and sit her up.

Steve Fanning #1

Steve Fanning #2

Steve before he got into the elephant business as seen while married to my cousin Vera Orton.
I think they did a double trap act on Russell Bros. Circus.

Steve Fanning #3

Steve Fanning #4

Steve sent this to my father and wrote on the back:
"King Bros. Circus winter quarters 1951 Macon, Ga.
Alice, Mona, Christy, Carrie, Babe, Margie, Shirley, Mary, Maude, Norma, Bessie and Konti.

Steve Fanning #5

The year the show went to Alaska at right is Marion Cristiani, I remember her as such a nice lady.

Steve Fanning #6

"Mary", Maude", "Norma", "Bessie" and "Konti" former Dailey Show elephants.