Monday, September 22, 2014

More Roaring 20's #1 (From Eric Beheim)

Here are some more photos of the 104th Edition's "Roaring Twenties" elephant number.

More Roaring 20's #2

"I call this a "Cross Mount" as did my father and Cheerful Gardner before him.
However my wife calls it a "T Mount" as taught by Louie Reed on the Dailey Show.
Still after 55 years neither of us will concede on this subject.

More Roaring 20's #3

"Dance 'Em Up!"

More Roaring 20's #4

More Roaring 20's #5

More Roaring 20's #6

"London Bridge"

More Roaring 20's #7

"I don't remember ever seeing an elephant act without a spindle but Hugo would have them start turning slowly then as they gained momentum, the band would pick up the tempo and finish with a cord. Quite impressive.

More Blue Show #1 (From Buckles)

More Blue Show #2

More Blue Show #3

More Blue Show #4

More Blue Show #5

Sunday, September 21, 2014

From Ryan Easley

Jim Cole posted this picture today. Can you tell me who the six cows are in the ring with Axel behind "John?" Thanks for the help. Mark Rosenthal came to the show today and gave me a video interview he did with you in Baraboo years ago. Look forward to watching it !

From Buckles #1

This is the 1975 herd and the center ring act would be among the elephants at the bottom of the list.

From Buckles #2

If I'm not mistaken, the elephant number in '75 was "The Roaring 20's".
Here is Janice Aria later at Circus World in her '20's costume along with "Anna May", Cindy Mason, Dick Fick and Antonio.
By the way we saw Janice last weekend during our visit to the CEC.

From Buckles #3

A few more shots from that era.

From Buckles #4

From Buckles #5

From Chic Silber #1

 Hi Dave
Filming for "Mack & Myer For Hire" was done at "The Hempstead Studio"
Mickey Bradley a dear friend to this day (who with his father Ben owned
the "Theatrical Workshop" where I apprenticed to the Stagehands)
& 2 of his friends created that film studio after he split up with his father
I helped out at the new facility many late nights while maintaining my
full time position with his father (have always preferred stage to film)
Sandy Howard the producer was also a good friend of Mickey's
Funny to see your note which brought back many memories
One of the actors was Joey Faye who I had worked with in stock
I'll give you a call to tell you more of the story


From Chic Silber #2

From Chic Silber #3

Saturday, September 20, 2014

From Chic Silber #1

From Chic Silber #2

From Eric Beheim #1

Boom-Boom Browning and Izzy Cervone, 1967.

From Eric Beheim #2

Bandleader Keith Killinger used to tell a story about the music used for Wolfgang Holzmair’s lion act on the Ringling show: on March 31, 1971 Irvin Feld told him to add some marches to Holzmair’s music. Killinger complied, using some marches written by Karl L. King. According to Keith, at about the time he started putting these marches into the band books, Karl L. King was stricken in Fort Dodge, Iowa and was rushed to the hospital. By the time Killinger had finished adding these King marches to the music books, Karl King had passed away at the age of 80. This story may or may not be totally true, but some Karl King marches were played for Holzmair’s act while he was with Ringling. (Holzmair’s music included “The Northwind March,” “Burma Patrol,” “Alhambra Grotto,” “Caravan Club,” “The Fez,” and the “Golden Calf” Bacchanalia Music from DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments.”)

From Don Covington

Karl King's musical legacy is well-known by Fort Dodgers. The legendary bandmaster, composer and musician was part of the local musical world from the time he moved to our town at age 29 until his death in 1971.
Before he became an Iowan, however, the early part of King's career was devoted to providing the musical component for circus extravaganzas. He joined the Robinson Famous Circus band as a teenager. By age 26, he was conductor of the band at the world-famous Barnum and Bailey Circus.
In recognition of King's contributions to circuses, the Karl L. King Municipal Band was selected to help launch the Circus Fans Association of America National Convention. That event opened Wednesday in Dubuque at the Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School. This is the first time since 1930 that this annual gathering has been held in Iowa.
Larry Mitchell, of Fort Dodge, recreated King for the audience of circus devotees.
Jerrold Jimmerson, who is the King Band conductor, told The Messenger that he and his musicians were especially pleased to have this chance to remind attendees of King's eclectic legacy.
"It's a tremendous opportunity to spread the music and name of Karl King," Jimmerson said, noting that this convention had participants from all over the United States.
The band's program honored King's travels with four circuses as a baritone player and his five years as a conductor of two of the top circus bands in the country. Through the use of King's compositions, as well as program notes and anecdotes, the audience was able follow his journey.
The Messenger congratulates Jimmerson, Mitchell and the members of the King Band for having been chosen to perform at the CFA convention. Karl King's musical legacy deserves to be honored. The King Band's efforts to ensure that it will be warrant applause.

Windjammers! #1 (From Buckles)

Windjammers! #2

Windjammers! #3

Windjammers! #4


Windjammers! #5


Windjammers! #6

Taking a break having just completed "The whistler and his dog".

Windjammers! #7

Windjammers! #8

Windjammers! #9

Windjammers! #10

Windjammers! #11

Windjammers! #12

Friday, September 19, 2014

From Chic Silber

Cirkus Olympia #1 (From Vincent Manero)

I was in Scandinavia a few days ago to visit several shows. Here is a photo set from the Cirkus Olympia in Löddeköpinge, Sweden. The show is owned by the Bengtsson Family and features some greats acts. The live music was also excellent. The Cirkus Olympia leased several Animal acts (horses and exotics) to other shows across Europe.

This midsize show is using for the first time this year a new performer entrance that produce a very nice effect with the well designed light effects.

Cirkus Olympia #2

Niklas Bengtsson opened the show with a new Horse liberty featuring six Friesian Horses and a pony.

Cirkus Olympia #3

Cirkus Olympia #4

 The Dog act was presented by Henrika Bengtsson.

Cirkus Olympia #5

Cirkus Olympia #6

Cirkus Olympia #7

Cirkus Olympia #8

 Natascha Jarz presented four Alpacas in a original display.

Cirkus Olympia #9

Cirkus Olympia #10

Cirkus Olympia #11