Thursday, February 11, 2016

Disaster Strikes the Big Top!

I sure struggled with the Blog this morning and managed to delete this excellent picture of "Anna May" on the Beatty Show and can't identify the donor.

#1 "Anna May"

Harriet Beatty and "Anna May".
.....not to be confused with our "Anna May" whom years later being delivered to Kelly-Miller with two other elephants who had the names "April", "May" and "June" on their crates.
My father changed "April" to "Hattie" after the first elephant the Millers ever owned and "June" to "Norma", many years with Herb Walters.

#2 "Anna May"

My father told me Ms Beatty was highly inaccurate with the whip, whereas he and "Anna May" took a pretty good beating and "Rimba" exited unscathed.

#3 "Anna May"

Harriet Beatty!

#4 "Anna May"

My father had very poor vision and his buddies would say "Colonel! With your eyesight is it safe for you to be in that arena? and he would reply "Believe Me! When that cat comes in, it's 20/20!

Professor George Keller

#1 OOPS!

I clumsily deleted the ID and info on these next three excellent pictures!


I clumsily deleted the name of the sender of these two excellent pictures!


#1 Beatty Show

Working elephants has it's perks!

#3 Beatty Show

#4 Beatty Show

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A real cutie!

My wife came up with this.......anyone know who she is?

From Chic Silber

From Tony Greiner

I am not sure this photo is legit, but it is dated 1917. 

#1 Military Elephants (From Buckles)

#2 Military Elephants

After the John Robinson Show went off the road in 1909 the Robinson family retained the elephants and booked then out on Fair dates, Vaudeville and a long stint at the Selig Zoo in California.
Their most famous numbers were the war scenes that were popular during WW 1, hence "Military Elephants!"

#3 Military Elephants

Dan "Curly" Noonan was the best remembered presenter however my father worked them one season after he left.

#4 Military Elephants

Noonan with "Tillie", "Tony", "Pitt" (Petite) and Clara.
My father said they were not easy to work. spoiled rotten, he said that one of the tricks was the announcer would proclaim "Tillie will now say MA-MA" and she would go "ma-ma" then he would mutter "Louder You SOB".....and finally-- MA-MA-MA.....

I've often wondered what the title on that wagon was! Looks like Carnival equipment.

#5 Military Elephants

Aiding the wounded soldier!

#6 Military Elephants

Rose and Dan Noonan with "Tillie"

#7 Military Elephants

"Dance 'em Up!" while at the Selig Zoo.

#8 Military Elephants

Over the years the most common question asked me was, "How long do elephants live?" and my answer was always 102.

#10 Military Elephants

Circus World

George Thompson second from right.

From Chic Silber

Munzy Acres Driveway.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

#1 Circus World

Chappie Fox brought in a Photographer to the Venice Quarters to take Publicity Photos of the herd they had amassed for the Circus World Theme Park.

It looked like this.....

.....when we arrived!

#2 Circus World

The "Whirl".
I'll let her comment on this rather than run the risk of being overruled.

#3 Circus World

The "Walk Across!"

# 4 Circus World

"The Cover".

#5 Circus World

The "Lay-Back".

#6 Circus World

When we first started this trick "Anna May" just carried her around the ring but her hair was so long I had to sometimes dodge droppings so my wife suggested raising it up on the tub.

#7 Circus World

Maybe you Folks will indulge me if I "Hang a little paper!"

#8 Circus World

When I was brought up from Mexico these were the seven young elephants Hugo Schmitt had put he basics on.
Barbara and Ben had remained behind to finish out the Mexican contract with "Anna May".

#9 Circus World

I added this trick that Mack MacDonald always called the Sitting Long Mount.
There was a day when no elephant act was considered complete without it.

#10 Circus World

"Seina", "Rebecca", "Carmen", "Mudu", and "Gilda".
Billy Smart elephants imported for Circus World.
Sue Lenz might know who the original trainer was.
As Rex Williams would say, "Wish I could say I trained them but it was........

I shall now repair to my couch in the living room....turn on the TV.....and see if I can glean how Hillary and Slick Willie will keep me and family safe and sound for the next four years!

Anna May's Grave Site

Riddle Elephant Sanctuary.

Monday, February 08, 2016

From Cindy Potter

The photo of your "plot" in Showmen's Rest the other day, reminded me of this! I was visiting friends in Mead, OK  last November and had the opportunity​
​ to stop by Showmen's Rest, myself.

Here I am paying my "respects" to you, Barbara and Anna May!  I'm truly glad that I am able to "share" this with you...NOW!!!

From Chic Silber

 Yet another of your flying elephants
 Something you don't see every day

From Gary Jacobson

The Ringling elephant men always wore White helmets
and the on the Barnum Show they wore turbans.

#1 More Ringling

#2 More Ringling

#3 More Ringling

George Lockhart in the center flanked by Pearl Souder and Jean Marchand.
I asked my father what all the Medals stood for and he said just decoration, some of them might read "Dog Catcher".

#4 More Ringling

#5 More Ringling

I'll bet the Stage Crew loved this prop.

#6 More Ringling

Looks like three males here but not as unsettling as that little tub on the edge of the big tub.

#7 More Ringling

I'm sure a lot of people recognize this barn.

#8 More Ringling