Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stewart Craven #1

While with 4-Paw, Craven is credited as being the first trainer in America to assemble groups of elephants performing pyramid type elephant acts.
Up until then only single acts were used and consequently circuses began judging it's importance by the size of their elephant herds.
He later became an animal importer, a man of means with a big ranch in Dallas and eventually died there Jan. 16, 1890.

Stewart Craven #2

George Arstingstall #1

George Arstingstall #2

George Bates #1

George Bates and "Babe" in their later years.
She is credited with being the first elephant to deliver a calf in this country, "Young America" with Cooper & Bailey in 1880.

George Bates #2

Perl Souder #1

Perl Souder #2

Al Langdon #1

Al Langdon #2

Sidney Rink #1

Sidney Rink #2

Highpockets #1

Highpockets #2

Friday, October 24, 2014

Maria Rasputin #1 (From Army Maguire)

The thing about Maria Rasputin is she was very much like her father. In fact, she was the only one of his many children to carry on the family name after it became something of an anathema in Russia. Reports of her life have varied wildly, but Maria Rasputin was one of a handful of women in the early 1900s who was comfortable living in infamy and who also maintained control of her own image.

Maria Rasputin #2

Maria Rasputin #3

Maria Rasputin #4

Maria Rasputin #5

That'd be me at her grave.
There is always a small bottle of vodka placed at the site as a loving memory.

Hagenbeck-Wallace WQ 1935

Bert Nelson and Maria Rasputin.

1935 Hagenbeck-Wallace Program

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Tusko" #1

"Tusko" #2

"Tusko" #3

"Tusko" and "Ruth".
The elephant man is "Mississippi" Nance.

J.O. Nance

"Tusko" #4

A peculiar hook-up with "Tusko" and two young males "Barney" (named after Mr. Barnes himself) and "Vance".

"Tusko" #5

"Barney" and "Vance" a little bigger with Babe Gardner.

"Tusko" #6

"Tusko" #7

"Tusko" with the bail ring across his tusks and "Diamond" with the flat bar.

"Tusko" #8

"Tusko" #9

This must have caused quite a commotion marching thru town to the lot, "Ruth" in front and "Jewel" on the drag chain.

"Tusko" #10

"Diamond", "Ruth" and "Tusko" 1930.

I remember this Los Angeles  lot  with the Mode O Day Building in the background from the 1940's with the Cole Show. I was a big kid at 12 and worked on concessions for a candy butcher named "Iowa" (Herbert Farrington). I put up, took down and worked the #2 menagerie concession stand then at night I made the final blow-off at the midway novelty stand for Francis "Zoot Suit" O'Connell "Zooty" for short.

"Tusko" #11

"Tusko" #12

"Tusko" #13

"Tusko" #14

"Tusko" #15

"Tusko" #16

"Tusko" #17

George Lewis and "Tusko".

"Tusko" #18