Sunday, April 26, 2015

What A Decade! #5

.....first publicity pictures behind the elephant barn in Hugo!

What A Decade! #6

Our first job with Corky Plunkett's Christy Bros. Circus

What A Decade! #7

.....Step Son added!

What A Decade! #8

.....on the Fair dates!

What A Decade! #9

...finally the big time!

What A Decade! #10

Saturday, April 25, 2015

From Chic Silber #1

Grandson Patrick in his early years.

From Chic Silber #2

From Paul Gutheil #1

From Paul Gutheil #2

From Buckles:
I think this is from an Al G. Barnes program.
When we were in Mexico they had one of these on a leash in the back yard and Shannon managed to get himself monkey bit.

From Vincent Manero #1

Here are a few photos of Europe largest show, the Circus Krone. I took them a few days ago in Munich, Germany on the Theresienwiese where the Oktober Fest takes also place.
The new productions in called "Evolution" and is 3:30 hours long! Many great animal acts and first class perfomers! This huge new tent has 4.500 seats and was made in Italy. A true Circus Giant!

From Vincent Manero #2

Khadgaa Strong Men

From Vincent Manero #3

From Vincent Manero #4

Flying Zuniga

From Vincent Manero #5

From Vincent Manero #6

Crazy Wilson

From Vincent Manero #7

Friday, April 24, 2015

Grandson Pat on the drums last night!

This was another Hairspray, Pat goes to Spoto High School but this was at the Riverview Auditorium on a huge ratty looking stage with band upstage right, poor acoustics, couldn't understand a word and seats like concrete in which turned into one of  my most miserable evenings in recent memory.
Good meal afterward at Applebees tho. me and Kay shared one of those big choclate slab-nasty sundaes.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The time has come!

Not  many comments any more.

I'm going to give it a rest.

1978 Circus Kids #1 (From Eric Beheim)

This and the following images are frame enlargements from some Super8mm movie footage that I shot during the Blue Unit's unloading down in Old Town San Diego in July 1978. Buckles can undoubtedly give more information of what is being shown. 

1978 Circus Kids #2

From Buckles:
This was obviously a photo-op set up by the Promoter.
At that stage of the game the kids would have been back in the state room watching TV.....been there, done that.

1978 Circus Kids #3

Billy Boutheleir unloading "Anna May' with Dalilah and I looking on.

1978 Circus Kids #4

1978 Circus Kids #5

1978 Circus Kids #6

From Buckles:
The cast on his arm came from a broken wrist the week before In Philadelphia when he slid off the back of an elephant while doing the ground sit-up.
He later admitted that he and Shane were bragging to each other doing the trick "no hands". Ted took it harder than I did, needless to say I received a few unkind words from Mrs. Woodcock.

1978 Circus Kids #7

From Buckles:
Oddly enough,  just a few days ago Shannon told me that one of his workmates at Bright House mentioned that he had attended a circus years before in Philly and recalled a kid falling off an elephant and he proudly replied, "That was Me!"

From Buckles #1

I believe this picture was taken the same day.

From Buckles #2

This newspaper photo got me a pretty good ass chewing from Irvin Feld over the crew's appearance.
Bouthilier, Show's Promoter, Chico, Myself, Rammy Sammy, Dan Pyle and The Dog.

From Buckles #3

.....I wonder if Axel suffered the same fate?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Chic Silber

Show Kids #1

Our kids on the Blue Show in 1978 in our rather convoluted family.
Myself, Barbara and daughter in law Karen.
In front Shannon and Dalilah (both adopted) and Karen's son Shane.

The casual observer will note more plumes and sequins here than exhibited with RBBB  the past decade.

Show Kids #2

Shannon, Dalilah and Shane in show's Opening wardrobe.

Show Kids #3

Spec wardrobe.

Show Kids #4

Show Kids #5

Elephant act wardrobe.

Show Kids #6

Show Kids #7

Show Kids #8

Show Kids #9

Both these kids wound up in Communication. Shannon, a Supervisor with Brighthouse has a home on 2 1/2 acres of our property and my wife informs me that Dalilah will be included in the balance on our demise.

Show Kids #10

After the act concluded, Dalilah would come come running back for a second bow, interrupted by "Charlie" who would return and escort her out.

Matter of fact she should be here shortly to take me away for a Blood Test this morning before going to her job, she's been with Verizon for close to 20 years now, I'll have to ask her.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From Dave Price

Same pic of Beatty with lions.  

Yesterday's gathering at Beef's

Our serious debate was interrupted when my wife snapped this!
Notice the addition of Jackie, Kenny and Ron.
Jackie brought along one of his father's Ringling contracts signed by Henry North in 1941.

The Big Cage #1

The Big Cage! #2

The Big Cage! #3

The Big Cage! #4

The Big Cage! #5

The Big Cage! #6

The Big Cage! #7

The Big Cage! #8