Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Lincoln Center #1 (From Paul Gutheil)

Sending these to you, Barbara and family for your idle curiosity.

The plaza and the Met are to the right.

2014 Lincoln Center #2

Lot of construction since you left.

2014 Lincoln Center #3

  Bandshell and part of big top.

2014 Lincoln Center #4

 Every day is "hump day" at BAC ?!

2014 Lincoln Center #5


2014 Lincoln Center #6


From Buckles #1

From Buckles #2

Miles White.

From Paul Gutheil

A Little Help Please!

I saw this photo on Barry's website. The caption says "she" is with Toto.

I emailed him and said it sure does NOT look like Toto to me, but Anna May.

Barry said he checked with you and you told him this is Toto.

Please tell me , am I losing my mind or not?? Your help to my mental stability,
such as it is, will be greatly appreciated. With many thanks.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

From John Goodall

Harold "Heavy" Burdick celebrates 40 years  of service with Circus World Museum as seen here with Scott O'Donnell.

Bababoobians! #1

Baraboobians' #2

Baraboobians' #3

Baraboobians' #4

My highly efficient elephant ride staff!

Baraboobians' #5

Baraboobians! #6

Baraboobians' #7

On the way to the Great Milwaukee Circus Parade!

Baraboobians' #8

Baraboobians' #9

Baraboobians' #10

Baraboobians' #11

Baraboobians' #12

Frankie Braun with "Eva" (later my "Peggy").

Baraboobians' #13

More Lincoln Center (From Barbara)

 Michael Rapp of Chippendales Male Revue who performed the feature number in the show. 
He came to see the Big Apple Circus with his wife & son. Nice people

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Big Apple

During our 19 seasons with Big Apple Circus, Lincoln Center was the centerpiece of the route, situated alongside the Metropolitan Opera and running close to three months.

Lincoln Center #1

"Peggy" and "Toto" getting ready for a morning show.

Lincoln Center #2

The Gutheils' were regular visitors and Paul took most of these pictures if not all.

Lincoln Center #3

Lincoln Center #4

Lincoln Center #5

Lincoln Center #6

Lincoln Center #7

Lincoln Center #8

Lincoln Center #9

Lincoln Center #10

Lincoln Canter #11

Lincoln Center #12

The Blogmaster before his Brighthouse days!

Friday, October 17, 2014

From Paul Gutheil #1

Howard Bros. Circus.

From Paul Gutheil #2

From Paul Gutheil #3

To Ryan Easley #1

MacDonald bought "Toto" and "Mac" in 1975 and sold them to me in 1980.
He told me where they came from but alas have since forgotten, the brain cells are going fast.
He put an act together and Tommy and Pom Donoho took them out on some dates.
One day at Circus World Gary Jacobson took off for Atlanta to see this MacDonald guy I always talking  about and had booked them at an amusement park and brought back some pictures.

To Ryan Easley #2

"Toto" a few years later.

More Jenda #1 (From Chic Silber)

More Jenda #2

More Jenda #3

Still More Jenda (From Buckles)

This is Jenda working "Elsie" with Howard Suesz's Hagen Bros. Circus when I first met him in 1957.



Still More Jenda #2

Another Hagen Bros. shot. I never saw him clown but he seemed to excel at everything he did.

Still More Jenda #3

From Grace Swank-Davis