Sunday, November 23, 2014

From Pete Adams

Please note that Wally Naughtin passed away and that his memorial is scheduled for 12-13-14 at the Showfolks Club in Gibsonton. No other information nor a contact for his wife Doris is known at this point.

Just returned from my morning chores!

My wife had SOS scouring pads on the grocery list.
While checking out I mentioned to the clerk that when I was in the Army SOS meant "Shit On Shingle" a Mess Hall favorite.
The gentleman behind me said, "Same thing in the Navy" then the little old lady behind him chimed in....."or Same Old Shit!"

Lee Merriwether #1

Barbara asked me to run these pictures, I can't imagine why, her Facebook has three times the viewership than my humble offerings.
Incidentally I saw Mr. Johnson yesterday on TCM in a early movie, he was a young Doctor arguing with Lionel Barrymore while a nurse (Ava Gardner) looked on.

Lee Merriwether #2

Lee Merriwether #3

Lee Merriwether #4

"People" #1

Here are a few more pictures from the recent 1978 People Magazine article.
Pretty heady stuff but resulting in considerable grumbling amongst the old guard around the show, I even overheard the Wardrobe Mistress refer to us as "Johnny Come Lately's".
Charly and Araceli were always very nice and Bobby Johnson reveled in all the discord, he thought it was terrific.

"People" #2

"People" #3

This picture taken in a Pizza joint across the street from the Garden.

"People" #4

Ben #1

A nice picture of Ben and "Odin" in "After Dark" Magazine.

Ben #2

Ben #3

And on that happy note, Ben and his wife left after the first season.

From Richard Reynolds

In the 1947 route book the name is "Gould" same as the above ad - - not "Gold." The list of performers shows Rose Gould Trio, and her real name is given as Rose Pahin. So too the 1948 route book. I saw her in both 1947 and 1948 and I recall that is was Gould. Her's was the big feature act, diving from the platform and being stopped only inches from the ground.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

St. Louis Zoo #1 (From Eric Beheim)

"Today's entries make Three Thousand.....One Hundred.....and Eight pictures Mr. Beheim had contributed to the Blog over the years!
I will check with my highly incompetent staff to see if he is entitled to a stipend."

"If so he shall be invested with the coveted Laurel and Hardy handshake!"

St. Louis Zoo #2

St. Louis Zoo #3

St. Louis Zoo #4

St. Louis Zoo #5

St. Louis Zoo #6

St. Louis Zoo #7

St. Louis Zoo #8

St. Louis Zoo #9

St. Louis Zoo #10

St. Louis Zoo #11

St. Louis Zoo #12

St. Louis Zoo #13

St. Louis Zoo #14

St. Louis Zoo #15

St. Louis Zoo #16

Friday, November 21, 2014

To Mike Naughton

Louis Gautier, a well known horse trainer, was murdered while the Ringling Show was playing the Havana winter date but I don't know the year.
Aware that I collected stuff, Axel gave me this picture of his mother taken later with Mills Bros. remarried to Count  Bekatow.
Hugo Schmitt was also on the Mills Show in those days and eventually took Axel under his wing.

1948 RBBB #1

The Rose Gold pictures brought back memories of my often told stories on the Blog of my mother and I seeing the show in 1948 when I was 13, Cap Curtis got us front row seats.
Sixty six years have elapsed and I have yet to see it's like.

1948 RBBB #2

1948 RBBB #3

1948 RBBB #4

1948 RBBB #5

1948 RBBB #6

"How about that descriptive alliteration for Miss Gould?
Right up there with Ortans Cristiani's "That dynamic little bit of charming femininity!"  

1948RBBB #7

1948 RBBB #8

1948 RBBB #9

1948 RBBB # 10

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rose Gold #1 (From Don Covingtion)

The local CFA tent here in San Diego is named for Rose Gold. You mentioned in the blog back in 2011 that when you asked Mr. Polack the best act that Polack Bros Circus ever booked, he replied "Rose Gold". The Rose Gold Trio was an aerial cradle act that headlined circuses around the world in the 1940's and '50s.

We recently transferred some Rose Gold memorabilia from San Diego to the Milner Library's circus collection at Illinois State University. Included was Ms Gold's personal scrapbook that contains some interesting photos.

Rose Gold #2

Rose Gole #3

"Isn't this Roland Mathis?"

Rose Gold #4

Rose Gold #5

Rose Gold #6

Rose Gold #7

Rose Gold #8

BUCKLES BLOG Feb. 13, 1911

"I once asked Mr. Stern what's the best act you ever had with the show and without hesitation said Rose Gold!"

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Neptunes Circus #1

I cropped out a few shots from the 1978 Blue Show spec.