Tuesday, August 15, 2017

#1 Family Pix

My father told me this was taken at the Memphis zoo.

#2 Family Pix

#3 Family Pix

.....in a healthier environment.

#4 Family Pix

#5 Family Pix

#6 Family Pix

#7 Family Pix

My mother with "Virginia" at Hall's Farm in Lancaster, Mo. where I was born.
This elephant later known as "Big Burma" with Mills Bros. Circus marched in a Presidential Inaugerel Parade.

#8 Family Pix

In Hollywood with Baby LeRoy.

#9 Family Pix

#10 Family Pix

With Lee Powell the Lone Ranger.

#11 Family Pix

Inscription from a Book of Shakespeare gave my father that I have.

#12 Family Pix

The Terrell Jacobs elephants "Modoc", "Empress" and "Judy" with the Conklin Shows.

#13 Family Pix

Street Parade in Toronto.

#14 Family Pix

Train wreck on the Cole Show with my father at right, "Mysterious Whitey" Linderman at left and Ace Donavan below cutting a hole in the roof while the elephants are being sprayed down with a hose.

#15 Family Pix

High Level Business Conference!

#16 Family Pix

Following my fathers' sudden death at age 59 I was summoned to the Office and D.R. explained that he had received little profit from this act and hadn't expected to and only made the deal because he liked my father.....then added I don't share that opinion with you!
So a deal was made where my wife and I would finish out the contracts then get "Anna May" and we parted on good terms, in fact a day came when he came a long way to see her debut in Madison Square Garden.

#17 Family Pix

I asked Shannon yesterday how old he was and he said 40.....I can't believe it!

#18 Family Pix

I was so impressed with Mr. Powell's book inscription I had it included on his marker.