Friday, August 28, 2015

More Train Wreck #1 (From Chic Silber)

More Train Wreck #2

1994 RBBB Surplus Elephants

More '94

The mothers and babies were gillied back and forth from the  train in this wagon.
At the end of the season I informed the Trainmaster  that he could leave it in winter quarters because when we went out again they would march with the herd but he said, "No!, No! We have lots of things we can put in there and they did.

1994 #1

Hard to believe that over 20 years have elapsed since the Blue show train wreck.

1994 #2

1994 #3

1994 #5

This is "Siam" a terrific elephant, leader of the 5 act I worked, she showed me the routine in one practice session.
Can't say the same for the uniform, it was cobbled up between shows.
My detractors snidely referred to me as the "Great Pumpkin".

1994 #6

1994 #7

1994 #8

1994 #9

1994 #10

All we needed was a casket!

1994 #11

1994 #12

1994 #13

We're on the wrong lot!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From Chris Berry #1

On April 4, 1958 the "Clyde Beatty Hamid-Morton" Circus opened a one month stand at Palisades Park, New Jersey. Photographer Bruce Davidson was on hand to record the occasion and in doing so took dozens of fantastic photos. Among his subjects, was clown Jimmy Armstrong. Some of these photos (including this one) have been published elsewhere, but I hope you enjoy what I believe are some of the most artistic circus photos of the 20th Century.

From Chris Berry #2

From Chris Berry #3

More Clowns #1

And on a brighter note we see Horace Laird at right on the Cole Show whom I remember picked up the mail at the local Post Office each morning and delivered it around the lot.
He must have had some sort of official document to do this.

More Clowns #2

More Clowns #3