Saturday, August 23, 2014

1988 Ruskin #1

Came across these 1988 pix taken out on the back 40 that goes thru the process of bringing them in for the night.

1988 Ruskin #2

"Peggy" came to the Circus World Museum in 1962 from the St. Louis Zoo.
From there to RBBB Red Unit in 1970 and then to me in 1982.


Mary Ruth Herriott with "Topsy", "Eva" and "Toby".

1988 Ruskin #3


1988 Ruskin #4

In the background you can see the beginnings of Sun City Center.
Actually it was supposed to be "Sun City" like all the other Del Webb settlements but by chance there happened to be a truck stop on nearby on Hwy. 41 already using that name.

1988 Ruskin #5

"Peggy", "Toto", "Dutch" and "Anna May".
The year before while playing Macon, Ga. with the Hanneford Show, Bob Cline showed up from the Albany, Ga. Zoo asking if I wanted a free elephant and fitting within my price range I picked her up on the way home.
They called her "Popsicle" and Cline confided "She's not very sweet!"
I never had a minutes trouble with her, in fact I once loaned her to Bones Craig for a while and he liked her. 

1988 Ruskin #6

1988 Ruskin #7

Chico with "Peggy", "Toto", "Dutch", "Anna May" and "Zetta".

The final addition was "Zetta" who had been down at the Miami Zoo for some time.
Apparently she had bopped a few handlers and they were looking for a new home for her.
Ben and I drove down and she loaded up without a minutes problem.
Unfortunately I had badly misjudged her age and her performing days were past.

1988 Ruskin #8

1988 Ruskin #9

I only had "Zetta" for a month or so then gave her to a small Animal Farm up in North Florida operated by an elderly couple where she became quite a celebrity.
Jim Elliot tells the story of our trip up there.

1988 Ruskin #10

Smokey and Jim Parker dropped by a few days later.


Arzetta Wiedaman and "Zetta".
Ed Wiedaman was a retired Postal when he acquired this elephant in 1948 and somehow got Mack MacDonald to put the basics on her.