Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Struggling with computer!

#16 Barnum & Bailey

.....something you don't see every day!

#17 Barnum & Bailey

Henneford Riding Act.
Young lady at right is Ernestine Clark's (Baer) mother "Nana".

#18 Barnum & Bailey

Hard to imagine assembling and manipulating this operation six days a week.
.....as my father used to say, "Wagons Of Wood....Men Of Iron!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

I wonder.......

.....if the Ringling Show had made an announcement they would fold at the end of the season announcing "Last Chance To See The Big Show" might things have improved?
It's been over twenty years since I last saw the show but it can't be all that bad.

#1 Elephant Acts

We received a call last night that Kenneth Feld is taking the Ringling Show off the road in May due to lack of interest.
No surprise but I hate to hear the loss of work for Circus People!
Was it Hemingway that said "Elephants are the pegs Circuses hang from?"

#2 Elephant Acts

Jo and Slivers Madison with the Tom Packs elephants.

#3 Elephant Acts

"Bertha" at the Nuggett presented by Don Bloomer.

#4 Elephant Acts

Bobby Moore's elephants.

#5 Elephant Acts

#6 Elephant Acts


#7 Elephant Acts

#8 Elephant Acts

#9 Elephant Acts

#10 Elephant Acts

#11 Elephant Acts

#12 Elephant Acts

#13 Elephant Acts

#14 Elephant Acts

My father always called this "Over The Garden Wall".

#15 Elephant Acts

#16 Elephant Acts


#17 Elephant Acts

#18 Elephant Acts

Saturday, January 14, 2017

#1 Sixty Years Ago!

We are going down to Sarasota today to witness the Awards Ceremony so I thought these pix might fit in.
To re-cap, I had just received my Army Draft Notice and with my Family safely ensconced with the Tex Carson Circus for the season and a month or so before I had to report I decided to see what the World contained beside myself.
Remarkably having been born and raised with circuses I had never been in Florida so I hopped on a Bus to Sarasota and got a temporary job working for Hugo Schmitt.
Fortunately I had sense enough to take a camera and this was my first picture.

#2 Sixty Years Ago!

.....and so on.

#3 Sixty Years Ago!

#4 Sixty Years Ago!

#5 Sixty Years Ago!

#6 Sixty Years Ago!

.....this off-center building housed the menagerie animals in the lower floor, supplies, wardrobe etc. above.
The property had once been the County Fairgrounds and this structure once a race track grandstand.

#7 Sixty Years Ago!

#8 Sixty Years Ago!

.....with Ed Healy.

#9 Sixty Years Ago!

"Josky" long time Al G. Barnes elephant, big head easy to spot.