Thursday, March 08, 2012

From Dan Koehl

Buckles, heres a picture from Circus Knie 1956, with Rolf Knie working
seven african elephants.

The elephants hired from Basel Zoo in 1956 must have incuded three
females, Beira, Ruaha and Idunda, and two males; Omari and Katoto?
(Tembo arrived at Knie from Basel only some months after the import
from Africa, according to Peter Dollinger, why he must be the sixth

But who is the seventh elephant, was it part of the Tanzania import,
and where did it go later?

My guess is that the seventh elephant´s name is Iringa, who later was
sold together with Tembo, to Hannover Zoo.


John Herriott said...

Whenever I see these photos of African elephants I wonder whatever happened to them. Seeing groups of Asians that have longivety for many years, but with the Africans we never see any Old Babes, jenny, tessie, Burma. Seems like all that work in training is hardly worth it.Biased toward the real Asian elephants, tanglefoot

DanKoehl said...

John, it may then surprise you that Ruaha was, before her death in Basel Zoo, Switzerland, in 2010, claimed to be the oldest captive african elephant world-wide with 59 years. The others did not share her destiny, though.

The elephants are discussed on two places on this blog:

I have still not been able to trace the sevent elephant´s name and further destiny.