Monday, July 18, 2005

An introduction

This is a picture of my wife and I with Jim Howell the artist who painted the portrait shown on my Blog Site. Taken in 1978 while with Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey Circus.
My Great Grandfather Hiram Orton took a small circus out of Portage, Wis. in 1853 and my family having remained in the circus business for a century and a half accounts for the thousands of pictures I own and also entitles me to have an opinion on the subject.
Now in retirement, one day my wife decided to buy a new computer and handed the old one down to me, my son Shannon who works for Brighthouse, hooked the thing up and it sat on a table in my room for several months until I noticed my grandson Pat ( age 8) playing a game on the thing and I asked him to show me how he did that and rest is history.
I started out sending a few pictures to friends unaware of the "6 Degrees of Separation" scenario that might develop and it got out of hand and before I knew it I had over 200 people on my list
including two in Germany, three in England and even one in Ireland.
Finally I was shut down by AOL who suspected I was running some sort of commercial enterprise and in fact to this day I can only eMail one person at a time.
Shannon came up with this Blog Site which I still can't quite understand but I do the best I can.
The opinions offered are not "the word as handed down by God unto Moses" but a very close second. Shannon told me that this method of communication would bring about lively debate.


rebecca said...

God you are both beautiful. And I for one know you are that way on the inside to. Just like your parents before you. No wonder the a/r people hate to see you. They can eat their hearts out.You know who never stood a chance with her one elephant act..Best of luck to you both.

Anonymous said...

Shannon's fully aware of the reactions to be unfolding ; thats for sure!

greg said...

aol sucks for doing that.

George MacPherson said...

When you first said you were going to a Blog I was worried that I'd lose the personal contact I felt with your e-mails. I love the blog and the comments made by others.

I was over 30 when I ran away with the circus. Several months with Irving Feld and I ran away back home!

William said...

Any idea when this photo was taken? I love the customes and curious which era this picture was taken from and what circus.

rebecca said...

He says it right on the introduction. Stop looking at Barbara and read the words. You can also stop looking at Buckles also. You should have seen both of their parents work in the circus.

William said...


Are you getting jealous? Barbra sure knows how to take a picture.

Rebecca said...

I have always worshiped Barbara. Never jealous. I tried to copy her work as no way could anyone look as good as she does. I never came close to her ability. I have many scars from just trying. She makes anything she does look easy. Now thats a pro for you. Her kindness to me as a first of May will never be forgotten. I have never seen the pictures of the other things she did in the circus. Webb, cats you name it.

Paul H. said...

Buckles: Thank you for posting these great photos and commentaries. It really keeps circus history alive.
Been visiting this blog almost every other day for the past week. Keep 'em coming!
Growing up in the Midwest in the '60s, my circus memories are of the Hugo truck shows, so the vintage rail show photos, etc. are a real treat (and help break up the wait until the next issue of Bandwagon).
Thanks again!