Sunday, June 26, 2005

A few of you have heard me over the past eight months prattle on about the circus my mother's family the Ortons owned for many years however this is my father-in-law's circus "Marlow's Mighty Show" here seen in the 1930's. This day they must have appeared as part of a local event since I'm sure the Hillbilly band on the flat bed truck was not part of the show. No idea what the coralled attraction at left would be, maybe a pit show. The performance was a family affair with owner Ruben Ray in clown makeup and his wife Lalea trained dogs, ponies and monkeys. Buckles


ndlovu8 said...

Hello Buckles,
Greetings from South Africa.
Jim Stockley here. I'm a cousin of Dicky & Mary Chipperfield - my mother and their fathers ran Chipperfields big show in the 1950s. I worked the 11 elephants in the 1970s, 3 of the 11 came to the USA with Graham Thomas after I left the show in 1980. We've run Brian Boswell's Circus (my brother in law) here since 1982. I like your weblog very much, love all the old pictures. [I had trouble using the 'search' feature on your blog - it doesn't turn up all the entries one can find manually?] I was very interested in your connection to the Orton Family. I've been hooked on circus family genealogy for a while - got the Chipperfields back to 1684 and the Boswells back to 1750. The Boswells and Ortons 'intersect' via Miles Orton's marriage to Mary Ann Cole (nee Cooke)in 1862. Mary Ann being the mother of WW Cole and sister to Rebecca Cooke (both of 'em daughters of Thomas Taplin Cooke). Rebecca Cooke was married to James C Boswell back in 1850 (after she got back from her Dad's tour of the USA in 1836). I have some Orton history that I'd like to run past you if you are interested ? I'm new to this 'blogging' and wasn't sure where to post this 'new subject' - hope you find it ;-) my email address is my username +