Monday, June 27, 2005

Chaos this morning, frantic phone calls, Pat and Ryan brought here, Melissa taken to Hospital, baby girl born at 7AM Kathleen Sarah but getting back to serious matters, erratic Blog messages sent out. I'll start over.

In order to unload wagons from the train a location must be found where the trackage
intersects with a throughfare (called the "crossing") the ramps (runs) are put in place and the
first car unloaded is called the "run car". The wagons are not necessarily taken directly to the lot but spotted in a nearby area, as the wagons in the picture indicate, there they wait until the next available hitch of baggage horses. The stringer wagon at left is obviously very heavy, solid lumber and you will note the ring curb rack on the side of the prop wagon. At the end of the 1938 season it all came to an end, the Barnes Show elephants were absorbed into the Ringling herd and everything else left out in the Florida sun to rot. The Hagenbeck-Wallace folded out in California the same year and the last of the American Circus Corporation gone forever.



Anonymous said...

You are going to be in deep foo foo with Barbara now!

James Taylor said...

Sorry I missed you at the CHS gathering here in Baltimore a few weeks back. Site looks killer. Maybe down the road? Or on the midway.
James Taylor