Sunday, June 26, 2005

Ruben would sometimes store the show equipment and book the family with other shows like Russell Bros.Circus in 1939 seen balancing youngest daughter Barbara. He did continue on with his small circus until the 1960's and after I married into the family Barbara and I would camp on his lot with the elephants during lay-offs. He was a very clever entertainer and aside from standard clown gags he knew all the "sucker-box" magic tricks and excelled as a talking clown. He spoke perfect Spanish and with a Latin audience he was incredible, he would even sing songs that they immediately recognized and sang along with him. I suppose he could best be discribed as a modern day "Dan Rice".


BudCopeland said...

Heres Barbara as a lassie possed to " perfection " in her fathers hand.His proud expression seams to have been passed along to her & I can spacificaly recall Barbara coaching Delila in a similar manor in 1976. Credit where Credit's due! - bud