Saturday, February 08, 2020



Richard King said...

This story has nothing to do with this picture. Pat was working a Cuneo act for George Carden and came to town to do a show so it was reunion time. After cutting up jackpots and catching each other up on who we had seen and where they were working she got serious on me. She said she had a couple of cats in the act she didn't trust and were sizing her up. She said her grooms were idiots. Every time she looked for them they were looking at the crowd or doing something besides watching her back. She was sure they would not be of any help if she got eaten. She wanted her own guy, someone she could trust. She wanted me. I felt like I let her down when I said no but my Nick was about 4 at the time, my wife had a job, I had 2 other kids in school and my job at the museum. I knew she'd be OK though because she was tough as nails and no cat was going to get her. I knew she'd get the problem fixed.