Monday, June 26, 2017

#14 The Big Cage

Caption reads "Youngs' Million Dollar Pier"!
Wonder what that could be?
Recognize Chubby Guilfoyle and Manuel King.


4pawfan said...

This photo looks like before Manny worked on the Clyde Beatty film " Darkest Africa" in 1936.

Manny turned 10 in 1933 and his dad got him 10 lion cubs and hired John Guifyle to teach him.

The Young's Million Dollar Pier was in Alantic City.

Manny could always be found on many circus lots in the Houston area. His father was the famous snake-king and his dad had changed the family name from Lieberman to King as that was how he had become know as. Manny could tell a lot of great stories and miss not seeing him.

Roger Smith said...

John C. "Chubby" Guilfoyle lost that arm in a lion attack on the Sparks show, on May 25, 1925, in Syracuse, New York. The lady also packing a pistol, @ R, is his wife, Henrietta, known to all as "Hattie". Guilfoyle was Beatty's 2nd mentor, after Louis Roth, on Howes Great London, beginning in '21. He also taught Pat Anthony. In their later years, the Guilfoyles resided in Brownsville, Texas. Guilfoyle died there in '68. His wife passed in '71.

4pawfan said...

Thank you Roger for the info on Guifoyle, didn't know he went back to Brownsville. p.j.

Roger Smith said...

Yes, he did. Tom Inabinette, a well-known Texas circus fan and rodeo promoter, told me this story: The Guilfoyles came into a very bad way in their senior years, and Tom was doing what he could for them. One day, Tom found himself shaking hands with Clyde Beatty. Beatty had heard of the Guilfoyles' plight and knew Tom was helping. He was dismayed to learn his old boss was living in dire poverty. Beatty told Tom to keep it strictly quiet that he'd send a check each month to help toward their bills and groceries. Tom said the checks arrived regularly until Beatty died, in 1965. Tom had obtained what public assistance he could for Chubby and Hattie, who both outlived Beatty, as noted above.

PS: The name Henrietta, for Mrs. Guilfoyle, has also been in print as Harriett, but
the nickname "Hattie" was used by their friends. In all our research, we are
wise to allow for misspellings and misleading data of all kinds for the same

4pawfan said...

Manny had to be around animals. He was still running his k9 dog grooming outfit and he was in his early 90's.

A wise person told me when doing research, to not ever leave any of it behind. And that it can sometimes be misleading at first, but to keep working it. Sometimes you can find material that has been buried away for years and it turns out to be material that will completely change how we look at a certain group of people or a period in time.