Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#11 Lady Trainers


Paul Gutheil said...

The lovely Lilliana Kristensen on a Hamid date in NJ. I think her feline partner was Judy.

Patricia said...

Sven and Lilli were such nice people. They took wonderful care of their cats. I asked Lilli one time, "Your cat's coats are so glossy. How do you manage that?" hoping she'd give me a secret vitamin tip or something. Instead, she said "I'll show you!" and to my surprise she pulled out a cotton pickin' VACUUM CLEANER, and began vacuuming her leopards! They loved it! I could hardly believe what I was seeing.
Unfortunately, I didn't think it was too good an idea for lions or tigers since I figured mine would see the nozzle as a chewy toy, so I didn't try. But it sure made me smile, and I've never forgotten it!