Tuesday, April 18, 2017

#12 Lady Trainers


Jim Alexander said...

Gilda Cristiani with her snow leopard. I think Lance Ramos had one in his early cage act. In the early 1940s Alfred Court had a famous one, Doutschka, who was lost in a fight in the tunnel with another leopard.

Paul Gutheil said...

Photo was taken at Great Escape in Lake George, NY.

Roger Smith said...

Gilda was a glamorous woman all her life, tops in every respect.

Richard Reynolds said...

Roger - - you are correct that Gilda was a glamorous lady. I spent some time with her and her snow leopard at the Shrine Circus up in Marietta.

Lucio told me that he got their snow leopard from one Pat Hocter a breeder and dealer in Indiana - -I believe that's where.

According to my count there have only been a few snow leopards in circus acts here in USA. Alfred Court had his famous Doutschka in 1940 which was killed during rehearsals in Md. Sq Garden. Siegfried and Roy had one in their Las Vegas show. Yaro and Barbara Hoffman had two, and Cindy Gamble had one.

Robert Good said...

Roger, Richard, James Clubb and others had discussed the snow leopard years back on the Blog.

Eveb as a kid I admired a pic my Dad had of Court's Douchka. The Court acts were before my time, however.