Thursday, March 04, 2010

From Jeanette Rix

Ursula Bottcher 1978, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

I just got an e-mail from Dresden, Germany. Ursula Bottcher passed away today. The e-mail also asked if I could tell Donna. I think they are talking about Axel's wife, I know they were friends. Would you be able to do this? I have been in touch with Ursula via e-mail and we spoke often. I will miss her ~ Jeanette

Photo from Jim Cole


Jimmy Cole said...

One of the most spectacular wild animal presentations that ever appeared on Ringling!

Frank Ferrante said...

I had only one opportunity to see her perform, but she left an impression that is still vivid over 30 years later! ~frank

Marco said...

A truly remarkable woman. I've seen her act in the late80's, early 90's on Busch-Roland in Germany and was amazed by her, her style and the way she presented these large animals.

jerry digney said...

sad news--the most unique cage act i ever worked with; was head of PR at Ringling when the act bowed--wow..all these years later i can still see it going thru its paces. One of a kind...Ursula and her boyfriend (Manfred?) did an amazing job with this act--surely one for the history books!

Darryl said...

A sad day and was glad to have had the chance to work with her.

Chic Silber said...

I left messages on the machines

that answered the 2 numbers I

have for you Jeanette but I'm

not sure if you have gotten them

I have Donna's number if you

would like to call her

Please give me a call when you can

Adaline said...

From the front page of Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten

J C Hall said...

Ditto Mr.Jimmy Cole
An easy gal to get to know and yes a hard worker, both her and Manfred. I believe the largest bears I have ever seen worked. A time or two at Circus World I help them run the shoot. The bears were ground level and I noticed a couple of the male bears she had were shoulder height to me while they were on all fours.

GaryHill said...

I remember when she first came to Circus World , the Vet had to knock them down and we helped to trim the hair between their toes and the pads were sore from the length of hair. Took a week to do all of her bears. I remember holding those big bear mitts and the claws were huge! I still smell the smell of formalhyde we used!

Chic Silber said...

The most amazing image of that

10ft wall of white fur lumbering

across the arena towering over

the diminutive blonde Uschi was

something that many of us will

gratefully never forget

Roger Smith said...

When I visited Ringling, she was an act never to be missed. Of the many acts I'd seen, I admit my heart was in my throat seeing this beautiful, small girl in with the largest bears I'd seen in a ring. Another sad loss of a performer whose like we will not see again.