Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Gallagher Family (From Buckles)

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I come from Hugo.OK and Wanda Moore's post caught my eye. My family were all circus performers they were called the Gallagher Troupe. Hugo is winter quarters for the circus, they call us Circus City USA, would like to see more pics if you have some. My moms name is Mugsy and one of my Aunts was Gala Shawn ( Tiny) we know the Rawls

From Buckles
I remember the Gallaghers well from my early days in Hugo, especially Mugsy, Bonnie and Tiny.
Is your father Corky Clark? I remember when they were with Herb Walters in 1952. Lots of memories.


Anonymous said...

Are you aware that your blog is off center and cutting off the right side? Can you please fix it as I love reading your blog.

J.C. Hall said...

The "Gallagher" troop.
Also toured with the Gil Gray show. My dad spoke of them often when I was a kid. I used to ride my bike from the fair grounds in Hugo down to Mugs's joint and get a soda also stopped by and BSed with Bonnie and her daughter when they ran a game joint at the state fair of TX while we worked the Gil Gray Dr Pepper Circus. Also worked with and was quite acquainted with Miss Gala Shawn AKA Tiny,I recall Tiny's Kids Mark and Louie,then came Della,Vicky and Isabella.

Frank Ferrante said...

I have never had a problem with the layout. Mine is centered on the page. ~frank

Bud said...

TO Anonymous - I think your problem might be the SETTINGS on your screen -

I had this Problem Once in the Past Also -
It's Fine Here & Now !

meanie49 said...

Yes I'am Corkys oldest daughter Margaret,my sister Jessie was named after our dad.I was so glad to see that pictuer I have some that I need to post just got to find them. Hope there are more out there. all my older aunts are gone Betty, Bonnie, Pat, Tiny, Uncle Jimmy and Mike all that is left is Mom(Mugsy) Kaykay Perky and Sally.I hope to share more with you.

meanie49 said...

I need to know how to upload pictuers I have one of my mom and dad Mugsy and Corky someone please help me

meanie49 said...

to J.C. Hall Iam glad you knew my mom Mugsy she is now 76 and going strong still has that going and coming she can"t be still for very long

s.nichole@live.com said...

I am Patricia Ann Gallagher(aka Patricia Morsani's)granddaughter Shannon Campbell. My mother is Rita Morsani. I found this website and I am very pleased to see my Granny's family. Is Pat in the very middle and Tiny on the right of her??