Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clyde Bros. Circus 1956 #6

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1956 Program.....HOWARD W. SUESZ- Owner......TOM PARKER- Business Manager

No. 1- Opening Overture
No. 2- Grand Entree
No. 3- Kings of the jungle presented by JULES JACOT
No. 4- THE BOUNCING BUDDIES......Trampoline......THE ZANYS
No. 5- THE VALERIES on the high double trapeze.
No. 7- Clowns
N0. 9- ERIS The man who stands on one finger.
No. 10- Clowns
No. 11- HOWARD PICKARD and his performing sea lion.
No. 12- THE FOUR BUMPS comedy acrobats.
No. 13- THE ANTALEKS- World's greatest high perch act.
No. 14- THE SENSATIONAL KAY'S on the high wire
No. 16- BABY ELEPHANTS- Siamese Triplets
No. 17- Clowns
No. 18- The fabulous Cycling- WHIZ KIDS
No. 19- MARKO the chimp trained by LOU HENDERSON
No. 20- Clowns
No. 21- ST.LEON TROUPE Teeter-board artists
No. 22- CAPT. ART BURWELL and his Liberty Horses
No. 23- AERIAL SPECTACLE- The lovely bespangled ladies of the air in a thrilling, sparkling climax to a wonderful show.


Buckles said...

In display N0. 8 the ponies were worked by Tex Burwell and Pat's Canines is Patti Couls.

Wade G. Burck said...

I never knew who Tex Burwell was, until now. I only heard the name when ever Lou Regan would get hot at something. He would start ranting, that "God D*** Tex Burwell, no good rotten Son of a B****!!!!" whether the tiger didn't roll over, hay delivery was late, or it was raining etc. As this was in 1974, they must have had a beef at some point in the past. LOL
Wade Burck

Anonymous said...

Tom Parker of Elvis Presley, Royal American Shows and Hoxie Tucker fame?

Ole Whitey said...

There were at least two Tom Parkers.

The one who did some booking for the Cristianis in the late 1950s was not the same as the Elvis one.

I heard that the Elvis Tom Parker had a carnival background from 'way back.

And I have always assumed the one with Hoxie and Hagen and Cristiani was the other one.

Buckles said...

Seems I recall seeing a photo of Hoxie and Col. Parker in Bandwagon.
It was taken in down town Hot Springs.
Legend has it that when they parted company Hoxie told the Colonel, "I'll take the circus, you can have the Hillbilly!"

Anonymous said...

So is the photo of Hoxie Tucker with Tom Parker strolling down the sidewalk arm in arm showing the "Colonel" or the non-Colonel? Someone wrote a book-length biography of the Colonel one, they had a hard time finding much in the way of facts from traveling show life. The image ran in Bandwagon years back.

D. Powell said...

I was told by Doc Tommy that Col. Parker offer Elvis for his Medecine Show. When he said no thanks Col. Parker offer Elvis to hoxie and the story go. Hoxie said no way too. Hoxie once get some backstage pass from Col. Parker for Elvis show in dayton,OH for my parents. Elvis die before the show.

Anonymous said...

And then there is Tiny Tim.

john h. said...

In No. 8 display. Leonas pets would be Leona from the Antalek perch act. Married to Coleman Antalek and MOTHER OF Mickey Antalek .

john herriott said...

This would have been the year that Suesz imported Mary, Ruth and Sue and he had Floyd Smith of St. Louis zoo train on them and then allaround employee Eddie Akin present them, until he got Tony Smaha to finish them up, plus a camel, llama, zebra act. Both acts were first clas well trained and presented by the Smahas. I saw them at a Suesz show at the state fair music hall in Dallas. Two one foot stands, hind leg walk and very polished excellent routine. I thought I was the hot shot trainer with similar acts with Gil Gray and mr. Smaha drooped me in the crap pile. I will never forget it. Tony and I would become great friends and have times over the years, but I can assure you he was an excellent trainer.

johnny said...

Suesz and his wife both loved stool pigeons and had so many that the got jealous and stooled on each other. I won't mention names, but in my one season with that show Tex Burwill was the "manager", horse trainer if need be and general blabbermouh, along with being one of the stool pigeons. His decisions as a mgr. were a joke. Wonder whatever happened to him.I have been around some cheap showowners, but Mrs. Suesz took the cake. I believe her family owned a band in Tonkawa, Okla.