Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week # 12 This is more like it!

Scan10251, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Today's weigh-in............235 lbs.
Net loss........................21 lbs.


Anonymous said...

Buckles, you're fading away to nothing! What is the magic number you are heading for??

Dick Dykes said...

Gosh Buckles! Your making me look bad.
The Doctor just told me Last week that I'd lost 7 punds since June 29th. I pale in comparison to your loss! Dick

Buckles said...

At least another 20 pounds. Being overweight at age 73 can't be good.
You either have to starve yourself or burn up the calories, I try to do a little of each.
We have one of those DR lawn mowers that you have to man handle around and yesterday after mowing some of the back area I had to wring the sweat out of my shirt.
I am motivated by my challenge to Ken and Nicole to a foot race this Fall, twice around the St. Pete Times Forum.

Roger Smith said...


Your footrace will constitute the cast of this year's GSOE, and he still needs 52cars to haul the wardrobe?

I've had to acknowledge my extra 40 pounds, and about 15 of it is finally gone. I had to get on a stick about this, I'm nearly 50 years of age.

Roger S.