Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ringling Spec Float #1 (To Dominic Yodice)

Scan10510, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

Dom, could you put a date on these pictures?
I would like to file them by the correct year.
Thanks, Buckles


Anonymous said...

Good morning Buckles,
Here's the dates you need. Great float photos by the way.
1. 1954 Calliope float
"Dreamland" spec
2. 1955 Thanksgiving float
"Holidays" spec
3. 1948 Toy Circus Calliope
"T'was the Night Before
Christmas" spec
4. 1955 Birthday Payoff float
"Holidays" spec
5. 1955 Valentine float
"Holidays " spec
6. 1954 Shangri-La float
"Dreamland" spec
7. 1955 Easter float
"Holidays" spec
8. 1955 Halloween float
"Holidays" spec
Hope this helps. Anymore just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Dom or Buckles, do you have any other RBBB float pictures? This was a great series.

Buckles said...

I have quite a few but quality wise, nothing compared with Dom's.