Friday, April 25, 2008

Wallace Bros. Circus 1938-40 #9

Scan000011148, originally uploaded by bucklesw1.

The show carried six elephants in 1938 "Alice", "Frieda", "Junie", "Della", "Danny" and "Eva". Here we see the herd in spec blankets heading from the menagerie to the back door. Bert Pettus in the lead.

1922- Imported by American Circus Corporation
1922- Gollmar Bros. Circus
1923- Remained in Peru Qtrs. (Sold to Floyd & Howard King)
1924- Harris Bros. Circus (Following are the various titles used on the King units)
1925- Walter L. Main Circus
1926-28 Gentry Bros. Circus
1929- Cole Bros. Circus ("Mama", "Danny" and "Eva" sold at auction to O.L. Smith)
1930- O.L. Smith Shows
1931-35 Mabelle's Elephants
1936- Kay Bros. Circus
1937-38 Wallace Bros. Circus (Ray Rogers)
1939-41 Pittsburgh, Pa. Zoo
(Died in 1941)


Anonymous said...

Wath a fantastic memorie.
that is Great.

Ryan Easley said...

Can you share the history of the Eva you mention ?