Sunday, July 30, 2006

Circus Busch 1976 #1

I have quite a few European programs but the text is in German, which of course, I can't read. So I thought it might be interesting to send these pictures out early and see if we get any comments from Europe regarding the show and it's artists.
If any particulr interest is shown, I could repeat this every following Sunday.


Mr. Lee said...

Mornin' Buckles, Sounds like a great idea ! Hope you get the replys from overseas, On a side note; it was wonderful seeing you and Barbara and all the kids yesterday! Also because of you two, Judy and I celebrate 21 years of marriage today! Thank you both. Lee Stevens

Buckles said...

His Honor is referring to Gee Gee Engesser's 80th Surprise Birhday Party at the Gibsonton Showfolks Club yesterday. A big turnout for this affair which was several months in planning by her son Bill and required elaborate detail to be kept a secret.
The highlight was Gee Gee's life told on a large screen, ranging from the Engesser family in St. Peter, Minn. in the 1910's right up until her days when recently holding a posiion in the Ringling office.
Several people spoke about her career as a horsewoman, dog trainer, Elephant Empress and producer of the show at Parc Safari in Canada.
Bill gave me a copy of the tape that includes a Movie Tone News Reel clip showing Gee Gee with Schell Bros Circus in 1934 at age 8 working the elephants. I'll see if I can get Shannon to place it on the Blog.
I won't attempt to name all the people attending but I might add that the liquor was free and afterward several notables, in a somewhat state of stupification, were inverviewed by a PBS film crew for a possible future Documentary.

GaryHill said...

Did she train the dolphins at Parc Safari African? And was she there in 73? Gary

raffaele de ritis (italy) said...

Circus Busch was one of the 3 State-owned touring units of the DDR (Democratic Republic of Germany), the other two being Berolina and Aeros.
It was originally the Jacob Busch circus, a large big top of the '20 and 30s, nothing to do with Busch dinasty from Berlin. It became state circus in 1952 and toured many eastern countries. I saw it last time in 1986. At the end of communism, circus Busch and Berolina was purchased by Spindler trainer family and is today the Busch-Berolina circus, with two rings and probably the largest herd of camel and dromedars ever seen (something as 30).

Busch, Berolina and Aeros used to rotate their state-owned acts and animals to vary the programs.

Raffaele De Ritis (Italy)

Buckles said...

Thanks for your comments here and regarding the elephants on #6.
I plan on showing a program from Circus Aeros next Sunday, any further information would be appreciated.