Sunday, July 17, 2005

RBBB 1966/ Elephant display

How nice to see the Ringling Show unencumbered by the Rock Concert crap that clutters it up today and is used to eliminate the Spec and about 40% of the performers.
Hugo Schmitt in the center with Axel Gautier and Ed Healy working the end rings. At the extreme right is "Marcella" who did a "2-step shuffle" down the front track.


John G. said...

Now that's real circus with 5 bulls in each ring. I miss the days when RBBB had two cat acts. John G.

Anonymous said...

JOHN G, Why do you think RBBB has gotten rid of the second cat act? Do you think RBBB has gotten cheap?

Bill said...

I don't understand why everyone is taking there shots at RBBB. RBBB is still by far the best cirus in the world.

rebecca said...

It used to be sooo much better. Money seems to be the cause. RBBB used to conintrate on the performers and getting the best of everything. Now its the bottom line. Too afraid of stepping on a/r s toes. As if they really mattered. After they blew up circus trucks management got scared. Hireing guards might help but I think they did not want to take a chance of an animal getting hurt. These people are scary, without reguard for the damage they do to animals.