Thursday, September 30, 2021



Chic Silber said...

Remembered with love & great fondness

Roger Smith said...

Buckles and Barbara were the first to make friends with me on Uncle Sid Kellner's James Bros. Circus, back in '69. They were the best of good showfolks--no pretense, no airs, and no hesitation in walking up and beginning easy-going jackpots. On the way into Seattle, I hit black ice and the cat wagon turned over in a ditch. No one was hurt, and when I got us towed in, Buckles led the boys in coming out to help unload. We got the lion act set up just as I was being announced, and thanks to Buckles we made it. My wife was expecting our son then, and Barbara made sure we had what comforts life on the road could afford.

As I said yesterday on Facebook, Happy Birthday in Heaven, Barbara.