Friday, August 27, 2021



Chic Silber said...

The inside Quarters look

exceptionaly long (tall)

Roger Smith said...

By 1918, Sells-Floto had cut back from a 6-pole Big Top to 4 poles. It is still a massive top in this 1924 photo. As remembered by Fred D. Pfening, Jr., in the Nov-Dec '85 BANDWAGON, the arena that season was used by Jules Jacot's 15 lionesses, a lion riding a horse, Aage Christensen's tigers, and Allen King working two acts--one of 10 male lions, and another of polar bears.

It is little remembered that when Clyde Beatty was attacked by Nero lion, in Peru, in January 1932, it was Aage Christensen who fought off the lion. Beatty contracted "jungle fever" from the bite, and the sensational headlines led to him writing his 1st book, THE BIG CAGE, and starring in the film of the same title, in 1933. Beatty rose to 40 years of stardom, while Christensen's career saw relatively little notice.