Monday, May 31, 2021




Chic Silber said...

I served aboard this ship

for the last months of 64

while it was heavy cable

secured to the Curtis Bay

Coast Guard base dock

I guess they didn't want

it to float away or into

the Baltimore Harbor

Chris Lagonick-Weitzel said...

Hi Chic,

This comment doesn't have to do directly with this post. I wasn't able to find any other contact information for you.

I saw your comment on the Halloween Specials blog that you were involved with The Halloween That Almost Wasn't. (

I was wondering if you might be able to reach out to me about the film as I'm doing some research. Specifically, I'm trying to figure out who owns this thing now because I'd love to see it re-released. I also love seeing/hearing about the behind-the-scenes on different productions.

Please let me know if you would be able to help me in this little quest of mine and I'll be happy to leave my email as another comment if you respond.


Chic Silber said...

After nearly a year & a half hiatus

things have gotten pretty hectic as

our National Tour of Wicked opened

last week in Dallas & we are getting

everything ready for the reopening

of Wicked on Broadway in a few weeks

Send your phone contact to me at

"" & I'll try

to give you a call when I can

You could also put my name in "Bing"