Saturday, May 08, 2021




Chic Silber said...

I learned of "Father Jerry's" death

from Paul Gutheil just yesterday

Chic Silber said...

Father George G Hogan ("Father Jerry") died on Wednesday May 5 2021

Father Jerry was a Woburn Massachusetts native born on April 13 1946

He loved the Circus & its people & was proud to be known as the Circus Priest

Father Hogan who went by "Jerry" was invited to assist in the "Circus Ministry"

The "Circus Parish" remains a veritable nationwide Catholic assemblage

Wherever a circus might be there had to be the Circus Chaplain

During winter months he would be on lend to the Diocese of Venice Florida

where Sarasota is located & where he was on lend to St. Martha's Parish

Chic Silber said...

Father Jerry shared his birthday

with Kenny Dodd & Bello Nock

Bob Swaney said...

Fondest memory was attending a Blue Unit wedding in Hershey, PA over which Fr Jerry officiated.

Roger Smith said...

RIP, Father Jerry.