Monday, February 01, 2021




Charles Hanson said...

The electrifying Elvin Bale....To me, he was the most exciting of all the heel catch single trap artists....that I saw. He had the flair to sell the act and keep it going at a fast pace.

Chic Silber said...

Yup the best ever to me too

I met the Bale family when

Art Concello brought them

to the Beatty Show in 66

We've been friends ever since

Roger Smith said...

Elvin had the star presence of projection that was gifted to the few. Leitzel had it on the rings. Beatty with the cats. Tajana on single trap.

For years, Dave Price and I listed our choices for "Bests". One example: Best Clown Boxing Gag--Otto Griebling and Freddie Freeman.

Thankfully, for circus stars, the list is impressive.