Friday, January 29, 2021




Chic Silber said...

The late Lester Parker was

killed in 75 from this pole

at the age of 43

Roger Smith said...

I don't know exactly how Mr. Parker died, but...

At Jungleland, circa 1968-'69, we had Pierre Souren working this act. His break-away was released at the wrong time, and he could not prevent his legs from being repeatedly broken until the swing finally stopped. He survived, but it was after a very long recovery.

On select Castle dates, we had The Great Bruno's breakaway pole. His son manned the critical release and he got it right every time.

Charles Hanson said...

If memory serves me correctly, Lester Parker did a Shrine Date in Macon, Ga. His next spot is where the accident occurred ...Maybe S.C. ??? Very tragic . I do not know what happened in this case...but I have heard of another case where the release did not come into play. The performer started down the pole and the release worked...slinging the performer to an instant death. This was someone else...not Lester Parker.

Chic Silber said...

I believe Carl Wong also

did a breakaway swaypole

I met Pierre Souren both

before & after his ordeal

He is Jacqueline Zerbini's

brother & he returned to

Paris to become a Captain

of a "Bateaux Mouche"

tour boat on the Seine

I had a few opportunities

to see him & get a ride

Roger Smith said...

When we had Pierre at Jungleland, his wife was soon to deliver. He took her across to Tijuana for the specific purpose that the baby not be born an American.

When Pierre had his accident, we all ran over to help. But to be honest, Pierre himself got very little sympathy.