Monday, October 19, 2020




Chic Silber said...

Friends that live out East in the

Myakka area & beyond are plagued

with these damn ornry destructive

diggers & rutters that are much

too tough to eat

Chic Silber said...

I wonder if they could be

butchered & fed to the big cats

Roger Smith said...

No. Swine, especially wild hogs, are notorious for the risk of trichinosis, the infestation of tiny parasitic worms. At our Slaughterhouse at Jungleland, well-meaning farmers, ranchers, and hunters brought in dead wild hogs, aka javelinas or peccaries, and we threw them straight into the barrels for pick-up by California Rendering Company.

Roger Smith said...

They're called wild boars, and show up in all 67 counties in Florida. Hikers are warned about them. They can top 200 pounds and are vicious either singularly or attacking in groups.

Last November, 59-year-old Christine Rollins was killed by wild boars in Anahuac, Texas, within steps of her back door. She was literally torn to pieces. Texas wildlife officials estimate close to 2 million boars roam free in groups, even in populated areas.

Chic Silber said...

I don't know Tony

Turn em upside down & they all look alike

Chic Silber said...

Thanks Roger

J Dier said...

The animals causing the damage in the U.S. are feral hogs. Descendants of domestic pigs that have reverted to the wild. The animals in the pics from Rome are the European wild boar. A true wild species. Peccaries and javalinas are not true swine and are distantly related to domestic hogs and wild boars.

Chic Silber said...

From several sources J Dier

Technically wild boar are not native to Florida

Florida wild boar were originally brought into

Florida by the Spanish explorers back in the 1500’s

Since then they have flourished in Florida's habitat

Wild boar or piney woods rooter resident populations

have existed here for hundreds of years as they may

have been brought by Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto

Wild boars invading Florida yards causing damage

These boar are popular to hunt and occur in all 67

Florida counties Wild boar occupy a wide variety

of habitats but prefer oak cabbage palm hammocks

(see Roger's comment above)

Tony Greiner said...

Ah, that explains it. European boars brought over centuries ago.

Somewhere I saw a spear that had a cross bar just below the point. I was told that the wild boar are so strong that if you stuck them with just a regular spear, they would still run at you, essentially pushing the spear through their own bodies so they could take a bite out of you. The crossbar was added to serve as a brace- the boar couldn't push that through their own body, so the crossbar served to keep the beast at bay while someone else stuck or shot it with an arrow. The Great Wiki of Oz says that in Persia, elephants were used to hunt them.

4pawfan said...

Feral Hogs can according to Texas Parks and Wildlife get up to 300lb with a few even getting close to 400lb. They are everywhere and do damage to yards, vehicles and other wild life. And they are not afraid of people. I have noticed as they have increased in number, our water moccasin population has decreased. Wonder if you need some of these guys down south of you to take care of the snake problems they are having in the everglades???