Friday, September 25, 2020




Chic Silber said...

Likely at Southwick Zoo

in Mendon Massachusetts

Tony Greiner said...

Interesting costuming of the folks on the ground. Is this a takeoff of Indiana Jones? The fellow in the deer-stalker might be doing the Sean Connery part.

Unknown said...

Hello Tony,

Yes it was! Raiders of the Lost Ark. That's Phil Schacht, Joshua up top, and Fran to the left. My dad gave Joshua his brown leather jacket for this act. :)

Samantha Whisenhunt (Schmitt)

Cheryl Schmitt said...

I believe this is Water Safari in New York

Cheryl Schmitt said...

Yes that’s right!

Chic Silber said...

Thanks Cheryl I'm guessing

you are Eddie's wife & the

mother of Samantha

The Schachts were very dear

friends of mine for many

years in the 60s 70s & 80s

I also knew Hugo very well

I've tried calling Samantha

many times with the number

she sent me but she NEVER

answers & her voice mail

remains FULL

You could look me up on

either Bing or Google

Unknown said...

Hi Chic.

You'll be happy to know I cleared out a bunch of voicemails so there should be plenty of room. I apologize, I'm not really glued to my phone anymore these days. I would have called back a couple of those calls, but your number only comes up as "No Caller ID".
I typically don't answer those calls anyway, so that could explain a couple of missed calls.
Anyway, like we discussed on Saturday, just let me know when you get back into town. I'd love to meet you and maybe my parents could join and you could share stories.

Samantha W.