Monday, September 28, 2020




Chic Silber said...

Steerage class accomodations

on the Cole Bros Circus train

in the late 40s

"What? and give up Show Business"

Roger Smith said...

I seem to remember an act of his, The Flying Braytons--? Also, a Flying Artons.

At least, he rated a solo bunk. Not bad for his early seasons.

Chic Silber said...

Perhaps you refer to The FayBrays

I'll send you an image of them

Chic Silber said...

Looks like a coil of half inch Manila

under his bunk (good for short blocks)

Chic Silber said...

"Short Blocks" are actually short falls

A fall is a set of blocks reaved with rope

Accuracy never got in the way of circus lore

Chic Silber said...

Half inch Manila would also

be useful for apron ropes