Tuesday, July 14, 2020



Roger Smith said...

Mr. Blanc rests in Hollywood Forever Cemetery. From Melrose Avenue to Santa Monica Blvd, a vast city lot is bordered by the streets Gower and Van Ness. Half this immense space is Paramount Studios. The other half is this expansive cemetery.

I've spent long hours paying respects to literal hundreds of great names. The tombs of Cecil B. DeMille and his family are situated, it is noted, right where C.B. can keep an eye on the happenings at Paramount. This studio is the only old-time "Major" still in the borders of Hollywood.

Hollywood Forever is rare in actually helping people find famous graves, tombs, and plaques in the mausoleums. The Forest Lawns will not do so. Moreover, this revered location offers guided tours with pamphlets listing the names most fans ask for. The cemetery was becoming badly neglected and run-down, when new owners came in bearing an honored sense of restoration and respect.

Tony Greiner said...

Mel Blanc grew up in Portland Oregon, where I live. The "Bugs Bunny Live" show came by and did a program with the Oregon Symphony, and the whole troupe toured a few places where Blanc had spent some time, mostly Lincoln High School, where generations later, he is remembered for being able to immitate (and mock) his teachers with dead-on vocal impersonations.