Monday, July 27, 2020



Chic Silber said...

The headband mike is a scary thing

Either she does a running commentary

or much worse with silly comedy

A wireless mike became a curse for

Jean Charles "Tarzan" Zerbini who

abused it when his voice alone was

able to be heard in any arena

Roger Smith said...

Professor George Keller worked his cats as a "quiet act". He cracked a little whip as they came in, then made a show of setting it aside and donning white gloves to continue. He had a regular spot with a Catholic elementary school, and they lowered a mic into the cage for Keller's soft-spoken commands. The kids, and especially the nuns, loved it. One year, Keller couldn't make it, and they booked in the fiery Dick Clemens, who stormed about his act shouting X-rated language right into the nuns' mic. Horrified, the sisters ran over themselves trying to cut the mic, but were way too late. The air had turned blue and the kids were howling with laughter.

Roger Smith said...

Along with her mic challenges, this performer might want to stop by the hair-and-makeup trailer.