Saturday, July 18, 2020



Roger Smith said...

Jess Adkins, the Man With The Turned-Up Shoes, and partner Zack Terrell.

Chic Silber said...

Were the the owners & managers of

The American Circus Corporation

with a herd of circus titles many

of which ended up in the Ringling

collection trunk

Chic Silber said...

Kenny Dodd just informed me

that these men were in a

long line of owners of the

Cole Bros Circus from 1934

until 1948 but never owned

The American Circus Corp

Roger Smith said...

And he's right. The highly storied ACC was formed up by Jeremiah Mugivan, Bert Bowers, and Ed Ballard. Mugivan was planning to move Ringling over and go into Madison Square Garden for 1930. It came down to a contentious business conference which resulted in John Ringling buying the ACC in September of 1929, just literal days before the stock market crash began the Great Depression. Mugivan and associates came out smelling like a rose, and Mr. John found himself burdened with a roster of struggling circuses.

As told here before, Adkins and Terrell, in the depths of the Depression, in the winter of 1934, secured bank loans to create a new rail show on the strength of having Clyde Beatty's name on their contract.