Thursday, July 09, 2020



Chic Silber said...

Very graceful & attractive

Tony Greiner said...

I've generally found hair hangs unappealing. The basic idea seems to lack grace, although this performer looks as good as any I've seen. Whatever I think, ticket-buyers seem to love them.

Roger Smith said...

This artist is well-served by a cleaner line of rigging, and the wardrobe works for her. But I have to side with TONY here--I never really got ready for hair-hang acts.

Someone more informed than me will help us recall the tragedies hair-hangs suffered. I heard of at least one girl who was hoisted aloft and had her entire scalp pulled off her head. I never knew her name, or if this was verified.

We remember too well in recent times, the 9 hair-hang girls whose rigging collapsed on the Ringling show.

Charles Hanson said...

Marguerite Michelle had a nasty fall in Atlanta, Ga at the old Omni while with the Ringling Show. It happened at a morning show when she came out of the spin. Of all the hair hang acts I saw....She had the most class and presentation...Plus she was eye candy which was a big plus. She was seriously injured and hospitalized for some ime.

Chic Silber said...

Thanks Charles I had forgotten

I brought both Margarita & her

husband Miguel Ayala to Toledo

to perform in The SeaGate Circus

Showcase I assembled for their

Sasquicentennial that opened the

new SeaGate Convention Center