Friday, July 31, 2020



Chic Silber said...

The 2 boys from the left

are Ricky & David Nelson

from an early television

black & white family sitcom

titled "Ozzie & Harriet"

Ricky went on to create

a rock & roll band

Chic Silber said...

Ricky was born Eric Nelson

He died in a plane crash

on the way to perform in

a New Year's Eve concert

in Dallas Texas in 1985

He was 45 years old

Charles Hanson said...

In her book Spangles, Elephants, Violets and me..Vickie Cristiani Rossi talks about being in the hospital in California.....after her accident with an elephant. Both of the Nelsons came to visit her and she said the nurses were quite impressed. Her stock with the nurses rose considerably....

Tony Greiner said...

What was the occasion for this photo?

Roger Smith said...

Kim Baer, daughter of Parley and Ernestine Clarke Baer, tells of knowing them from the 6 seasons Parley played Ozzie & Harriett's next door neighbor, Darby. The Nelsons were regular folks, and the two families shared dinners at their homes. One day, Kim showed Parley a large bag, heavy with nickels. She explained she charged the neighborhood kids a nickel each to come into their dining room and sit in the chairs where Ricky and David sat. Parley was incensed, and made her walk to each house and return every nickel.

When Ricky was beginning his singing career, he'd come to the Baers' house and practice his songs. Kim noticed all the neighbor girls gathering out front to swoon and squeal when Ricky came out to his car. She asked Parley was the fuss was about. He told her Ricky was now a singing teenage heart-throb. She said, "Ricky is?" Parley smiled and said, "Yes, do you think Ozzie would let that fail?"

I'm not sure who the girl flyer is. I believe the gentleman @ R is Del Graham.

Roger Smith said...

When the Nelson boys flew, David was the catcher. He was cast in that role in Irwin Allen's THE BIG CIRCUS (1959). This picture followed Hollywood's inevitable jinx plot, with one of the top staffers or performers trying to wreck the show. In this one, we get all the suspicious looks from Vincent Price, but David is revealed as the heavy.