Saturday, June 13, 2020



Charles Hanson said...

Just a great circus all the way..Wish things could have been different for them toward the end. The Cristiani Family provided a lot of the talent...The hippo doing the walk around the Hippodrome Track was fascinating to me. Just pure circus with no frills.

Chic Silber said...

I also recall that Hip walk Charles

The uniformed handler followed it

with a slender switch used gently

Up close & personal with the seats

Kids were screaming with delight

I also remember Daviso's daughter

Tony Greiner said...

Did the Christiani show always take Sunday's off?

Charles Hanson said...

The Cristiani Bros. Circus 1956 thru 1960 took Sunday's off...Pete's show Wallace Bros Circus and or Cristiani -Wallace Bros Circus which started in the early sixties....followed that same tradition, however, there could have been some exceptions. I believe it was referred to as the Blue Laws during that time period...which would have been breaking the law for a Sunday Show.