Wednesday, June 10, 2020



Roger Smith said...

See that bent spoke at the right center of the barrel? It was still like that when I was there in 1964.

This photo was of a series taken in Deming, New Mexico Winterquarters. Beatty wintered there from 1953 to 1956. For his 1954 starring film, RING OF FEAR, there had been plans for some shooting to be done there. John wayne and Bob Fellows produced the picture out of Warner Bros., whose studio geniuses wanted Beatty's wardrobe changed from the whites, which presented problems for the camera. A set of photos was taken with the white uniform, and a 2nd taken in khakis. The wardrobe he wore for the act in the film was Hollywood corny, but the studio prevailed.

Roger Smith said...

The lion @ C is Simba. When I first knew him in '64, he was 26. When he arrived out here at Jungleland, in '66, he was 28. He still sat in the same place, and aged and creaky as he was, he still came down for the laydown. Sadly, and to immense anger, the operators of the Compound brought about the end of the last 7 Beatty cats. Lions Sultan, Caesar, Duke, and Congo, went to a safari park in Australia. Old Simba went to the Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach, Florida. We knew he didn't survive there for long. Two Beatty tigresses also were gone. Judy went to the zoo in Minot, ND, and Princess, the rollover tigress, disappeared with nothing more known of her. This was the work of manager Roy Kabat. Dave Hoover had bought the 7 Beatty cats, and had sold them to Jungleland. When he never got paid for Princess, he sent Big John Richards out looking for her and to collect, all to no avail.