Saturday, May 23, 2020



Roger Smith said...

Believe it or not, I know this wagon. Howard Suesz's Hagen Bros., like his Clyde Bros., used rip-offs of famous name titles to sell maybe that one extra ticket. Hagen was the first show I worked on that paid me. I assisted Enoch Brafford setting up that dreadful push-pole top Suesz had. From the wagon seen here, we were served a sustaining lunch of beanie-weenies and a slice of stale bread. Upon tear-down, Mr. Brafford paid me 4 quarters. As a canvasman, I opened and closed in one.

Charles Hanson said...

Enoch Brafford was in the circus business forever...He was still working with canvas on Jules & Beck Circus owned by the late Pat Gutherie.