Wednesday, February 12, 2020



Henry Penndorf said...

Buckles, Barbara and Chic, I am sure you have heard of, or even seen the postings on Facebook, that the Feld's are planning a on mounting a new production of "The Greatest Show On Earth" complete with "Elephants, Clowns and Daring Acrobats." Complete with Elephants? They are supposedly in the process of setting up auditions for performers.

It is too early for April's Fool's Day. But why would the Feld's be doing this? Could it be strictly a business move to protect their interests? There has been some suggestion that the Feld's must present a Ringling show to retain the rights to the Ringling name, even if it is only one performance. Another possible reason that I read, was that the 150th Anniversary of Ringling Brothers Circus will be coming up and that the Feld's want to commemorate it with a special anniversary edition.

I am surprised that this subject has not been brought up yet on your Blog. Do you know anything further about this? Is this true? To paraphrase "Yes, Virginia, There is A Santa Claus," "If you see it on Buckles Blog it must be so."

This weekend the County Center, White Plains, New York will play host to the Hanneford Circus as it makes its traditional "President's Day Weekend" appearance. There will be with eight shows, February 15th through February 17th. The Hanneford Circus poster for their County Center appearance shows what looks to be Vicenta Pages with her White Tigers. There was pictures of, or mention of Elephants appearing.

Hope you are all well. - Henry

Chic Silber said...

Sorry Henry but NO reliable

TGSOE information is available

Kindly detail your source

Chic Silber said...

The Master of Circus Rumor Control

my dear friend Kenny Dodd has also

been questioned about it but knows

absolutely nothing to date

We both would bet big against it

Chic Silber said...

Among the many "I don't do its"

Facebook is a dreadful data mine

Many of my friends have been

cursed by it & are very sorry

Henry Penndorf said...

Hi Chic, It came from Facebook - Great Circus Days O America & Wild West Shows

Great Circus Days of America & Wild West Shows "This information came from a well known former Ringling employee. A very good source."

Britney Kozachynskyi "Henry D. Penndorf I know for sure the show is opening again because Felds are advertising it on their website, which they wouldn’t do that unless it was coming back for sure because that’s just bad PR on their part if it weren’t true and also their 150th anniversary of ringling is coming up in 2021 so perfect time to open on that anniversary. Also rumor has it they are starting to book venues for the shows. And I also know for sure that the elephants won’t come back because I used to work with them and they were sold to white oak"

Thanks Chic. I thought if anyone knew if this was true or just a hoax you, Buckles and Barbara would. I thought it was too good to be true. If you hear anything more about this i hope you will post it. - Henry

Chic Silber said...

I am in hope of comments by anyone else

that might know about this unlikely event

with real facts & backup material

Chic Silber said...

There is absolutely nothing about this

in the Feld Entertainment official website

Listed under "Ringling auditions"

"There are no auditions scheduled at this time"

My condolences to Britney

Henry Penndorf said...

Chic, another Facebook source - Circus Fans Association of America, "Breaking News: A check of the Feld Entertainment website clearly shows RBBB back!" February 5, 2020

If this were really true it seems strange that the Feld family have so far remained silent. - Henry

Chic Silber said...

I just checked the "Official Feld Website"

Try it for yourself Henry

Chic Silber said...

Here is the link

Henry Penndorf said...

I believe you Chic. I don't have to check. I thought it might be a hoax from the very start, but I thought I should
check it out with you, Buckles and Barbara first. Thanks for all the information and being so patient. - Henry

Chic Silber said...

The boy wonder loves to play with

his monster demolition derby trucks

His father & uncle gave up spinning

in their graves many years ago

They were true Showmen