Saturday, February 22, 2020



Roger Smith said...

Master trainer Osa Barrada, always with a first class routine. He was on Howard Suesz's Clyde Bros. Circus for many seasons. When I was over there with the tigers and elephants, and we were in Edmond OK Winterquarters at the same time, Sr. Barrada presented me with a twisted whipstock. His arena seen here had once belonged to Roman Proske.

Richard King said...

Every year at the end of the season Jose would say good bye because he was going to retire and "Sit on the beach all day drinking cerveza and watching the girls in their bikinis" and I would say "yeah right like Mamas going to let you do that". He would say he lived near the beach and he was going to do and this was his last year on the road and I would ask "how often do you go to the beach? and he would say never. Next season would start and there was Jose saying next year. This is my last season.