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5204 North Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota


Chic Silber said...

You may not realize it but you receive monthly Emails about Showfolks
because you are on "Ray's List."
It is a list that Ray compiled to communicate with folks about circus activities.
He put a lot of effort into doing this as he was not exactly a “techno whiz."
But to him it was important.
With his move to Thailand we have tried to keep up "Ray's List" for him.

On Saturday the 26 th of October we lost Ray
His good friend Paul Ingrassia prepared the following
to remind us of the Ray MacMahon that he knew.

Chic Silber said...


John Herriott introduced me to Ray about 25 years ago
He was a handsome guy with a quick smile
John told me that he was the show opener of a “high school” show
which was more or less current It was modestly titled by Ray, “Royal American Circus” which he was running across the country
In addition to running the show, Ray was the CEO of a 22 bank phone promotion company
He ran a parallel course with his pal, Harry Dubsky, a Hungarian entrepreneur, former acrobat, and then CEO of the Royal Palace Circus. They were solid “saloon” pals
The other guy was always trying to “win.” Harry once got Ray’s route in advance of Ray finalizing it and called all of Ray’s customers advising them that he now ran the Royal American Circus A friend of Ray’s told him what Harry was doing and Ray got on the phone for almost three days solid and got his dates back along with a few of Harry’s
They later laughed about the whole thing, remained friends, so much more so that Ray eventually married Harry’s ex wife, Netta who had been married to Harry for “20” years
She worked a truly beautiful and skilled “leash” leopard act that was the star of Harry’s show, and then the star of Ray’s

My wife and I began to socialize with the MacMahons over the next few years as we had moved to Sarasota Great fun, laughs and stories until the day Netta advised us of her terrible terminal cancer at the Crow’s Nest in Venice Shortly things began to change and evenings at the club were replaced with evening at one of our homes Ray never wanted to frighten Netta and tried to keep from saying things in front of her Sometimes it worked Sometime it failed Ray’s call finally came to us one morning He asked if Roberta and I could come over and pick up circus star and Netta’s good friend, Aurelia Nock
Everyone who came to the house that morning, admired the still beautiful and sweet Netta who was lying on her hospital bed in the living room Helena Bertini, of the well known and respected acrobatic troupe, was there She had been helping Netta for months with house cleaning and Netta's personal care and any other way she could
I could talk more of Ray and Netta, but the above story is the one he would have wanted
A week later, in the flower garden of St. Martha’s church in downtown Sarasota,
the Circus Church, Father Fausto, St. Martha’s pastor, said the prayers for yet another circus star while Ray stood quietly in a corner of the garden surrounded by his friends and family He was saying his last “GOODBYE NETTA”
Now it's time to say “GOODBYE RAY”

Paul and Roberta Ingrassia

Chic Silber said...

ROYAL AMERICAN CIRCUS INC had been set up on January 6th 1999 in the state of Florida
The current status of the business is Inactive
The principal address is Max Dog Bakery 1375 Main Street Sarasota Florida 34236
The company`s registered agent is Ray MacMahon
President / Director Ray MacMahon Vice President / Director Gabriella MacMahon
The last event in the company’s history is Voluntary Dissolution dated January 20th 2006