Saturday, June 29, 2019



Paul Gutheil said...

The fellow on the left looks like Julius Von Uhl to me.

Chic Silber said...

I think he used the self

proclaimed title "Baron"

Roger Smith said...

Julius told Parley Baer he was a genuine Hungarian "baron", who barely escaped the Soviets when they overran his homeland. He said most, but not all, of his family crossed the border before it was too late, but that their lands, castles, and titles were immediately claimed by the Communists. Parley smiled telling the story. Others around Julius said he was just another performer stealing a title, he as "baron", and Jean Zerbini as "Tarzan".

This may be Julius, but I could be seeing resemblance to a young Guy Gossing. Question mark.

Chic Silber said...

Jean Charles didn't steal Tarzan

He had his name changed in court

He was taught that maneuver by

Emelian Buglione who added the

name Bill Cody to his own in a

Paris courthouse to avoid any

legal challenges

Roger Smith said...

In the City of Tarzana, where the Parley and Ernestine Baer family lived, local history has the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate formulating angry charges against the performer of a circus animal act billing himself as their father's fictional hero, Tarzan. Zerbini got the legal name change before the Burroughs actions became formally filed. In most jurisdictions, name changes are almost automatically granted unless there is proof the petitioner seeks to avoid critical responsibility or criminal charges. Minus these considerations, Zerbini got the change in spite of taking on a world-recognized name created by the author.