Saturday, June 29, 2019



Chic Silber said...

The cat is clearly focused on

the hunk of meat on the skewer

(Yump Fritz I give you liver)

Roger Smith said...

This is Captain Ernest (or Ernst, for his German heritage) Engerer. If you look closely, you will see his left hand is false. His arm was torn off by a lion in 1918. Very long story, and best seen at the website, "Come One and All...for the Life of Capt. Engerer", the most complete history of his life to be found. This site is more inclusive than similar pages on performers, with many photos, clippings, and citations for his additional career training German Shepherds for police work at his home in Laurelton, Long Island, New York. I was with Clyde Beatty, in 1964, when we got word Engerer had been killed by Monte lion, on July 11, at Enchanted Village, a small amusement park, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Monte mauled the body for 45 minutes before deputies arrived to kill him with sub-machine guns. Engerer was 70.

Wade G. Burck said...


I gould not find the website you mention, but I did find other information which I have sent to Chic. Man, this guy seemed like an accident waiting to happen!!!!!! Jack of all trades, master of none apparently. One pr photo touted him as the "only one armed lion trainer" I guess forgetting about Chubby, or his injury was pre-Chubby.
A real self promoter!!!!! Due respect.

Wade Burck

Roger Smith said...

WADE: I did not post the sites completely, proving we should never abbreviate site titles. The Engerer coverage I found on Bing, is:

1. Engerer Family Papers, 1920-1964 (posted in 2008). Lists archival holdings, with a

2. Captain Engerer - Animal Trainer - Laurelton (L.I., New York) With obit for his son,
who died at 94.

3. "Welcome, One and All, Who Have Come To Witness the Dangerous, Thrill-Seeking, and
Fantastic Life of Ernest Engerer", by Jillian Pallone. This site is extensive, with
photos, maps, circus posters, documents, certificates, military records, and biography.

4. Trainer Clawed, Son "Tames" Lion - Captain Engerer Seriously Hurt.

This is how they are posted, like I should have done the first time.